Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New pirate radio forum

John Poet of the US free radio station The Crystal Ship writes: "I have just launched a new pirate radio forum, the Free Radio Cafehttp://freeradiocafe.com/forum/

This forum is intended to cover shortwave pirate radio, SWBC and other aspects of shortwave and pirate radio.

I just want to stress, I AM, and intend to be, "European friendly". I would welcome any participation there from across the water!

Other features will be added to the domain, hopefully soon, but for now the forums are open."

(via alfalima.net)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've just setup a forum for the UK Pirate Radio scene.

We have a lot of forums aimed at the US market but hardly any for us UK guys.

Feel free to check it out...



Anonymous said...

www.whoslocked.net is the biggest Uk pirate radio forum going!

Anonymous said...

No it's not. Whoslocked.net it an Ofcom honeytrap. No-one goes their anymore(unless they want the government reading their private messages!!)

Its all about RadioNecks.com
London, UK, World Wide