Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday May 29

It might have been a holiday in the UK but I had to work so no time for listening til later on. That mysterious station on 6284 was back again @ 1630 with non-stop music. Let's have an ID, chaps - put us out of our misery. Blasting in here in the evening.

Then on 6298 @ 2020 was the Scandinavian station Fox 48 with a 34333 SINPO. I've heard him better. Still on now as I type @ 2145 but suffering QRM from Paradox Radio, with a stronger signal, from the UK on 6300.

Sunday May 28

The day started with Borderhunter on 6210 and Orion Radio on 6308 coming in with the best Sunday morning signals for a long time. Borderhunter was 45444 @ 0755 and Orion 44444 @ 0800. Radio Brigitte was also heard on 6540 @ 0810 with 34333. But after that I heard very little from Europe for most of the day.

French station Radio Waves Int was fighting against the tide of noise on 6324 @ 0815 (23332).

Up on 9290 the Latvia relay was putting out programmes from Radio Caroline Eifel @ 0800 and Radio Joystick @ 0900. Rather a fluttery signal here. Good but quite a bit of fading.

West Coast Radio was heard briefly on 6305 @ 0905 with 44433 playing Guns N Roses.

Jolly Roger Radio was relaying Britain Radio Int on 6239 @ 0910 (44333) with Roger Davis and Laser Hot Hits on 6380 but it was lost under utility QRM (32432).

Radio Underground made a welcome return to the airwaves. Heard on 6311 @ 0935 (34333) with the usual diet of music and free radio chat. He was on the week before on 6325, but I didn't hear that. He can be contacted at

Out for the rest of the day until 1850 when Radio Zodiac heard on 6326 (43443) calling Borderhunter.

The Galaxy crew was on 6240 @ 1900 with dance music (33333). Another enjoyable station, as is the Bogusman with his reflections on life. He was on 3931 - but suffering here with some sort of interference (42332) @ 2030 although reception did improve later on.

Finally, WNKR which had been broadcasting all day on 1395 appeared on 3900 @ 2155 with Dave Martin and then Andy Walker. 43443 here.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday May 27

The Latvia transmitter on 9290 was busy this morning before it closes down next month for maintenance. I heard Radio Six signing off at 0659 to be followed at 0700 by German station Radio Caroline Eifel for an hour long programme. Then at 1000 another German station, Radio Casablanca was on with a hour of German pop and schlager.

Down on 48 metres Radio Valencia heard on 6309 @ 1405 with schlager, pop and rock until 1500 (34333).

ROZ heard at 1745 on 6265 with an ad for the summer meeting, oldies, schlager. Some SSB QRM. (33333). Still going strong at 2000.

On 75 metres, UK stations Radio Pandora on 3910 (33433) and Radio Galaxy on 3925 (33433) were on but not being heard too well here.

Later on Radio Scotland Int made a short test on 6308 @ 2215. Good signal here (44444). Announced web address of After he went off at 2220 Radio Zodiac heard on 6308 calling RSI but didn't get a response.

A new station on 6294 was Radio Chaos with a programme of dance music @ 2240. Another good signal (44444) and gave email address of Said was hoping to reach the USA, but not admitted conditions not good for transatlantic DX, although had had 30 responses from Europe.

Friday May 26

The unidentifed station, thought to be from Ireland, was on again on 6284 @ 1655 with non-stop music (34333). No IDs yet, although I have seen Iron Radio reported as possible name.

Eldorado Radio heard on 6264 @ 1555 struggling above the noise (33333). Possibly Eldorado also on 6298 @ 1530 & 1705.

Station playing ad for Borderhunter summer meeting on 6301 @ 1935. Was it ROZ?

Radio Mazda booming in with a programme of schlager @ 2130 (44444). Some SSB QRM underneath but not a real problem. Announced address of Pastinaak 4, 7443JD Nijverdal, Netherlands.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Thursday May 25

Quite a bit of activity for a Thursday night.

First up was Radio Northpole heard closing down at 2000 after playing non-stop pop music (34333). Then a move down to 75 metres saw Orion Radio on 3927 but not the usual strength and quite noisy conditions (34333).

Later on at 2130 Radio Scotland Int was on 6266 playing rock music. Not a bad signal (43443) but RSI came back on 6300 at 2210 even stronger with 54444 (9+20dB).

Before that on 6300 @ 2140 was Radio Paradox from the UK playing soul music announcing address. Fair signal (34333).

Also on 6290 was probably Mazda but no announcement heard while Mystery Radio was on 6220 with the usual whistle.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday May 21, part 2

Not much heard in the afternoon and evening.

Borderhunter on 6270 @ 1620 with his usual good signal and clear audio. Announced email add of and the Herten mailing address.

Radio Malaisy on 6310 @ 1320 with a fair signal and 80s pop music.

In the evening there was a weak station on 6305 swamped by SSB QRM and Mystery Radio on 6220, clashing with LHH on 6219 - usual whistle.

The unid on 6284 (6283.9 to be precise) booming in, but still no IDs. Will they ever identify themselves?

Sunday May 21

A quick twiddle around 48 metres. Not much to hear.
A mysterious station on yesterday and today on 6284 - last night heard playing a top 20 from the late 70s from ARD Dublin.
Leads me to conclude it could be coming from Ireland. I would have listened more but the 'delights' of the Eurovision Song Contest dragged me away.

The usual scattering of Dutch stations:
6268 Radio Saturnus
6291 Antonio Radio
6295 Radio Victoria
6300 Radio Quintus
6310 Orion Radio
All heard between 0750-0940UTC.
There were some others on 6292, 6305, 6398 but signals not strong enough to drag an ID out of the noise.