Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thurs Aug 31

Radio Sonar heard with a fair-good signal on 6266 @ 1900 playing German rock with talk in German. But suffering QRM from Russian station on 6265 plus SSB QRM. SINPO 32332. But the station moved to 6275 where heard much better @ 1920 with no major interference problems (34333). Gave out email address of

Station came on with schlager @ 2045 on 6305 but signal faded out before could get ID.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wed Aug 30

Radio Golfbreker on again this evening on 6300. Heard @ 2015 playing polka, schlager and giving out hotline number in Dutch. SINPO 44333.

Radio Likedeeler was on 6309 playing rock music but suffering some SSB QRM @ 2020. SINPO 33333. But by 2130 the signal had improved and QRM gone (44333). Best signal for a long time from Likedeeler, went off 2133.

Radio Bonofox was on 6305 @ 2030 playing schlager and song "Sweet Caroline." Fair signal (34333).

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tues Aug 29

Radio Mazda putting in a good signal on 6305 @ 1750 with schlager and polka. SINPO 44444. Still well heard on 6305 @ 2055 calling Italian station.

Radio Likedeeler was heard on 6309 @ 2040. Deep fades but able to get ID, gave out Neede address. Talk by man and woman in German and English. SINPO 33333.

Radio Golfbreker was on 6300 playing schlager. ID heard in Dutch @ 2050. SINPO 33333.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Mon Aug 28

Radio Kilo Tango Lima heard on 6296 @ 1900 giving out email address and playing 10CC. Address given as SINPO 34333.

Weak station heard @ 1930 on 6309. Sounded Dutch but couldn't pick out ID. SINPO 24332.

Another station heard on 6305 @ 1945 playing polka and schlager with short breaks. No ID heard while I was listening. Suffering qrm from adjacent utility. SINPO 33333.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sun Aug 27

Radio Telstar South heard @ 0755 on 6210 playing 60s music. Faded out (or signed off) a few minutes later. SINPO 34333. Heard again on 6210 @ 1700 with better signal. Fast moving, professional sounding UK station. SINPO 44433.

Orion Radio put in a much better signal this week on 6280. Playing Creedance Clearwater Revival @ 0800 followed by closedown. SINPO 44444.

Radio Brigitte was on 6375 @ 0805 playing schlager and giving out email address. SINPO 34433.

Radio Bonofox back on 6305 @ 0810 with oldies - 34433. Heard again @ 1910 giving out email address: Spelt out name - seems it is "fox" not "vox."

A weak signal detected on 6200 @ 0815 with oldies but couldn't get ID. SINPO 23432.

Radio Paardenkracht was on 6324 with lots of non-stop oldies, but not many IDs. Did get one eventually @ 0830. SINPO 34433.

Britain Radio International was putting in a good signal on 6242 @ 0905 with its Marine Offence Act programme. SINPO 44444.

Radio Victoria was on 6270 playing Golden Earring @ 0910 and giving out email address of SINPO 34433.

Weekend Music Radio back on 6401 with a signal that varied between fair and good during the day, plus music and radio documentaries. SINPO @ 0930 was 34433 while @ 1630 was 44444.

Radio Valencia playing country & western music @ 0945 on 6304. Also coming in well with a 44444 SINPO.

Radio Zodiac Int with music from the 70s & 80s on 6308 @ 1045. Another 44444 SINPO. Zodiac returned @ 1740 on 6312 with a good signal (44444).

Radio Boomerang very strong on 6295 with dance music on 6295 @ 1055. Closed down a few minutes later. SINPO 54444.

Radio Golfbreker heard with schlager and polka on 6300 @ 1330. SINPO 34333.

Radio Malaisy, tentatively logged, on 6310 with dance music @ 1345. No ID heard. SINPO 33433.

Radio Rob 007 was on 6276 @ 1405 playing 70s oldies. Fair signal (34333). Gave out email address of

Radio Skywire briefly heard on 6306 @ 1615 playing rock music. SINPO 33333.

Mystery Radio booming in with pop music on 6220 @ 1900. SINPO 44444.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sat Aug 26

Antonio Radio was on 6292 @ 0855 with polka and schlager, off at 0900. SINPO 34433.

ROZ heard on 6268 @ 1700 playing 80s pop. Bit of a whistle on the signal - possibly from a numbers station on 6270. SINPO 33433.

Laser's frequencies of 6220/6275 didn't stay empty for long.

Radio Minimax was on 6275 @ 1830 playing rock music. Good signal (44444) but problem with transmitter as there was a distorted image of the signal 8kHz away on 6283.

Meanwhile Mystery Radio was on 6220. Heard @ 1850 playing dance mx with the usual canned IDs. SINPO 44444.

The usual Saturday evening mess around 6400 with Weekend Music Radio on 6401 and Radio Ramona on 6400. WMR was the stronger here @ 1840 (43443) while Ramona was heard with a 32332 SINPO @ 1845. Pity they can't sort it out.

Radio Spaceman was on 3927 this evening. Heard @ 1920 playing schlager with a 43443 SINPO - buzzing qrm. But by 2200 SINPO was up to 55544. He was joined by Xanadu for the usual enjoyable programme.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Fri Aug 25

Radio Blackbird was heard playing polka on 6300 @ 1635, greeting Dr Tim in English. SINPO 34433. It was a long programme with the station going off at 2000. Email address is

Radio Mazda was heard @ 1705 on 6290 playing schlager. SINPO 33433. ID heard at 1730 by which time the SINPO had climbed to 43443 - the usual utility problem on that frequency.

Radio Bonovox was on again this evening using 6305 @ 1935. Playing selection of oldies including Robbie Williams and Simple Minds. SINPO 34333. Anyone caught an email address for this station?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thurs Aug 24

I go on holiday for a few days and when I came back this evening I found Laser Hot Hits had closed down! I saw the statement on their website ( about pressure from the authorities. The station broadcast from Ireland so I wonder if this was pressure from the Irish authorities (ComReg) or the UK authorities (Ofcom) getting tough on the guys behind Laser?

If this is an Irish clampdown how will it affect other 48m stations broadcasting from there, which includes the religious station, Reflections Europe?

The good thing about Laser was what whatever time of the day or night you could turn on the radio (conditions permitting) and hear free radio on shortwave. The band is strangely silent tonight.

Thanks Laser for your many, many hours of great programmes and all you've done over the years for free radio. You can still listen to the station via their website.

A new Dutch station was heard this evening on 48m.

Radio Bonovox was on 6305 @ 1915 playing a varied selection of Dutch and English music with announcements in English. SINPO 34333. He said it was his first time on 48 metres.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sun Aug 20

Conditions poor again today with no stations being heard very well.

Orion Radio was on 6400 @ 0755 with his usual closedown at 0800 with SINPO of 34433.

Station on 6290 @ 0805 playing schlager - possibly Mazda but I didn't catch any IDs. Another 34433.

Another unid on 6270. Station playing non-stop 60s mx most of the morning. First heard @ 0810 but again no IDs heard. SINPO 33333.

A station I did manage to identify was Radio Paardenkracht on 6250 playing schlager. Signal weak at first but did improve during the morning. SINPO 23332.

Radio Scirocco was heard on 6280 @ 0825 playing schlager and giving out hotline number in Dutch and German. SINPO 34433.

Radio Valencia was on 6310 @ 0940 playing country & western music and greeting Marko. Again a 34433 SINPO.

Radio Quintus was on 3927 @ 1935 with schlager and IDs. Reception spoilt by a buzzing noise - SINPO 33333.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sat Aug 19

German station Radio 73, which used to transmit via the Latvia transmitter, made a broadcast via IRRS on 9310. Heard @ 0900 but signal poor here (24332). The station is supposed to be repeating the programme tomorrow at 0700 on 9310 and Thursday at 1900 on 5775.

Radio Waves Int was heard on 6324 @ 1450 playing French music with talk in French. SINPO 34333.

A documentary about offshore pirate Radio London heard on 6401 @ 1455, which carried on for most of the evening. SINPO 34333 but stronger in the evening. Was this via Weekend Music Radio?

Skyline Radio Germany heard @ 1715 playing rock music on 6285, announcing the Neede mailing address and a new phone number. Fair signal here but a lot of static noise (34333 SINPO).

Weak signal heard on 6295 @ 1805 but couldn't make out an ID through the noise. Sounded German - Bermudadreieck?

Radio Ramona was on 6400 @ 1820, but a poor choice with the other station on 6401 so difficult to hear - SINPO 32332.

Radio Alfa Lima was on 6277 with a good signal @ 1835 playing dance music. Suffering some QRM from Laser although Alfa Lima had a stronger signal. 43433 SINPO.

A weak Dutch station heard on 3907 @ 1945 but nothing else on 75m.

But when darkness fell (about 2000UTC), everything faded out on 48m, including Laser and that was it!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fri Aug 18

Voice of the Netherlands was heard @ 1000 on 6288 playing dance music, announcements in English, off at 1002. SINPO 34433.

Laser Hot Hits was heard on 6220 in parallel with 6275, with the 6220 transmitter slightly stronger - S9, compared to S8 for 6275 @ 1845. For several weeks the two frequencies were running different programmes. Could be a new transmitter in use on 6220, or Laser using higher power?

Radio Victoria heard playing soft rock @ 2055 on 6285. SINPO 33433.


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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thu Aug 17

Not much heard tonight.

West Coast Radio was on 6294. Heard @ 2155 playing Madness, then ID with contact details. Signal struggling - SINPO 34333.

Not helping reception was a strong utility station on 6305 all evening which wiped out most of the band from 6300-6310.

Also I heard a Russian station on 6265 @ 1930. Not a pirate, but anyone know who it was?

Laser coming in well this evening on 6220/6274 with different programmes and no problems with Mystery Radio which wasn't on tonight.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wed Aug 16

Good conditions tonight with Bogusman blasting in on 6295 @ 1945 with more tales of his cycling trips around the Midlands and playing alternative music. He also announced an email address:

Radio Northpole was on 6305 playing music from the 60s/70s. He finally IDed @ 2000 after 30 minutes of non-stop music before signing off @ 2005. Good signal (44444).

Station on 6286 playing schlager @ 2200. Went off at 2225 with no IDs. Coming in quite well but some utility interference and beginning to fade - SINPO 43433.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tues Aug 15

Radio Malaisy, presumed, playing continuous dance music. Heard on 6310 @ 1730 with a 34433 SINPO. Signal strengthened during the evening until closedown at 1945. These Italian-based pirates don't seem to like talking between records!

Radio Whitesnake was heard on 6290 @ 1940 greeting listenings in Dutch. Went off at 1943 with closing announcements in Dutch and English. SINPO 33433.

Radio Quintus was on 6294 @ 2015 playing 60s music, polka and schlager. Fair signal - SINPO 34433.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mon Aug 14

West Coast Radio was heard @ 1645 on 6305 with QSO in Dutch. SINPO 33443.

Bogusman was on 6295. Heard with a very good signal @ 1930 talking about cycling and playing alternative/indie music. SINPO 54444. Off @ 2000. Probably the strongest I've heard him. He is still resisting modern technology and has no email address or mobile phone number, but can be contacted via PO Box 53, Bilston, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV14 6YS.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sun Aug 13

Again, conditions remain poor with only the strongest stations heard here.

First up, Radio Paardenkracht on 6265 @ 0750 with oldies and a 34333 SINPO.

Orion Radio was on 6300 this Sunday. Heard @ 0800 mentioning the nice weather in the Netherlands. Using 400W so coming in well here although the band was quite noisy this morning with a lot of rapid fading. SINPO 44333.

A station heard on 6294 @ 0755 but not strong enough to pick out an ID from the static and splash from Orion.

After Orion signed off @ 0809, Radio Digital came on 6300 with a short QSO in Dutch.

Weekend Music Radio was on 6401. Heard @ 0820 with talk about the Irish radio scene in the 1980s and a documentary about the Irish pirates, like ARD and Radio Dublin, from that decade. SINPO 44333.

Another unidentifed station on 6310 with short broadcast @ 0825 with polka , schlager and announcement in Dutch and German. But again static and fading stopped me getting an ID. Went off @ 0830. SINPO 44333.

Premier Radio Int was on 6240 - as his usual frequency of 6265 was occupied by Paardenkracht. Heard @ 0915 with oldies, some utility qrm. SINPO 33333.

Radio Valencia was on 6310 @ 0930 with schlager. SINPO 34333.

Premier Radio went off @ 1000, with the channel taken over by Britain Radio Int. Heard on 6241 @ 1005 with a Marine Offences Act special programme. Best signal of the morning - 44444. Probably via Jolly Roger Radio.

Radio Malaisy, presumed, on 6310 playing non-stop 80s dance music. Heard @ 1545 with a 34433 SINPO.

Radio Ramona was on 6400 @ 1900, suffering co-channel qrm from WMR. Playing 80s music, SINPO 33443.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sat Aug 12

Valley Wave Radio, presumed, on 6306 @ 0910 playing instrumental electronic music, including Kraftwerk's "Tour de France." Beginning to fade badly, no IDs heard. SINPO 34433. If it was VWR, first time I've logged this station for several months.

Radio Paardenkracht playing music by Rolling Stones on 6295 @ 1410. Announcement in Dutch, including email address. Off at 1423. SINPO 34433.

Radio Valencia was playing country & western music on 6310 @ 1430. SINPO 34333.

Evening conditions on 48 metres not good again - only two stations logged, apart from the regulars.

Radio Skywire heard on 6306 playing music by Dire Straits @ 1920. Went off 10 minutes later. SINPO 34333.

Weekend Music Radio was on 6401 @ 2045 playing rock music, talking about how much colder weather is in Scotland now. (I now, it feels like September here, too!) Signal not nearly as strong as previous weeks. SINPO 34333.

It was not all bad news.

On 75m Radio Spaceman was putting in a great signal on 3923 @ 1935 with a 54444 SINPO. Still going as I type this @ 2225, signal still 9+20dB. Joined by Boomerang, Delta, Xanadu. Went off @ 2255. Later heard on 1645 medium wave in QSO with Barcelona and Digital.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Fri Aug 11

Is it the propagation or have the Dutch gone on holiday?

Again, the only stations heard tonight were Mystery Radio and Laser Hot Hits, fighting over 6220.

On 6274, Laser putting in a very good signal @ 2140 with 54444 SINPO with a New Orleans tribute show, but beginning to fade out by 2150.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thurs Aug 10

No Dutch stations heard here tonight. Where there any on?

Laser coming in well on 6274 @ 2030 (43443) although suffering some utility qrm. Not doing so well on 6220 at this time where it was up against Mystery Radio with a stronger signal.

Mystery Radio blasting in @ 2215 on 6220 with a 44444 SINPO playing 80s dance music. Laser completed faded out. Familiar canned ID.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wed Aug 9

Station heard on 6300 @ 2015 playing dance music. Good signal here but no IDs heard. Went off (or faded out) at 2115. SINPO 44333.

Mystery Radio was competing with Laser on 6220. Mystery had the stronger signal here @ 2140 but Laser still audible in background.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tues Aug 8

Monday night very disappointing but tonight a bit more to report on 48m.

A weak signal detected on 6310 @ 1940 but no chance of getting an ID.

Better luck on 6302 where Radio Zodiac Int was putting in a good signal @ 1945. He was playing rock music, including Pink Floyd, The Doors and Led Zep. Also frequent mentions of phone number and email. SINPO 44333.

Mystery Radio was back on 6220. Heard @ 1955 playing Euro-pop, co-channel with Laser but with a stronger signal (43433). As I type this Mystery Radio still booming in @ 2150, while Laser has faded out (44433).

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sun Aug 6

Conditions today started off well but deteriorated later.

Orion Radio heard signing off @ 0800 on 6290. Coming in with a good signal here (44444), using 350W.

On 6325 was Radio Paardenkracht with schlager @ 0805. Bit noisy on the frequency so only a 34333.

Premier Radio Int was heard competing with another station for 6265 @ 0810. Neither station dominated the channel so 32432 SINPO for Premier. When I returned to the frequency 10 minutes later, Premier was in the clear and coming in with a good signal (44444) playing the usual 70s music and jingles.

Radio Brigitte Int was on 6540 @ 0815 with good clear ID and email address in English, French and German, followed by schlager. SINPO 34333.

Delta Radio (Gelderland) was on 6290 playing the Rolling Stones @ 0830 and giving out the phone number in German and Dutch. SINPO 44433.

Weekend Music Radio was back on 6401 @ 0835 playing rock music. Signal faded out for most of the day but as type this (2020UTC) WMR is blasting in here with 9+20dB signal. Operator Jack talking about getting QSL cards printed for all the reception reports received.

Antonio Radio was playing polka @ 0840 on 6300. Splash from Delta Radio (33333).

Not a good day for reception of Radio Underground here. Picked him @ 0935 on 6311 with a fair, but noisy signal (34333). But not much trace of the signal for the rest of the day. I did hear him mention that WNKR would be making a special broadcast on 1476 next weekend to mark the anniversary of the Marine Offences Act.

Radio Saturnus was on 6285 @ 1000, giving out his phone number, email and playing oldies. Fair signal here (34333).

Radio Quintus was on 6291 @ 1200 playing polka, talk in Dutch. SINPO 34433.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sat Aug 5

Good conditions with 48 metres holding out well into the evening.

Radio Digital was playing 60s mx @ 1645 on 6311. Fair signal (33433). He was back later in the evening on 6311, signing off @ 2215 with a 44444 SINPO. Gave email address of

Weekend Music Radio was back on 6401 @ 1730 with rock music, het from another station (Radio Ramona). SINPO 43433.

Radio Oscar Zulu (ROZ) coming in well on 6268 @ 1735 with oldies. SINPO 34333. Email is Best signal I've heard from ROZ for some time, although did suffer briefly from QRM from a numbers station on 6270 (see note).

Delta Radio booming in on 6290, playing UB40 @ 1740, some dance music and off at 1807. SINPO 54444. Delta was back @ 2050 on 6305 playing non-stop music. Still going strong @ 2220, giving out mobile number, greeting listener in Finland in English (44444).

Radio Ramona was on 6400 - clashing with WMR again for most of the evening - although at 1840 Ramona was the stronger signal. Oldies, jingles. SINPO 33333. Maybe the two stations should let each other know when they plan to broadcast as they can't both use 6400 at the same time!

A station not heard for sometime was Radio Black Arrow who was on 6295 @ 2025 playing music from 80s & 90s. Gave out email address of

A weak station heard on 6300 @ 2100, squeezed between Delta & Black Arrow so couldn't ID.

Radio Scotland Int made a short test on 3931 @ 2215, playing "Silver Machine" and the theme from "Hawaii 5-O" before going off. SINPO 44433.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Fri Aug 4

A day off today so was able to have a quick tune around in the afternoon and heard Radio Zeelandia on 6270 @ 1445 playing schlager, but suffering splash from Laser on 6274. SINPO 33433.

In the evening, I heard Radio Fox 48 from Norway on 6300 @ 1940 playing the Freddie Mercury song "Barcelona" and giving ID. Signal poor with fair peaks (34333).

Radio Quintus was on 3928 @ 2040 giving out SMS number, ID in English and Dutch. Again poor signal reaching fair levels, although did improve later on around 2150. (34333). Email is

The mystery station on 6401 was on again tonight with non-stop music from 70s/80s. Fair signal (34333).

Radio Romeo Echo was on 6325 playing schlager @ 2055. Also offering "a nice QSL" for reception reports to Off at 2145.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thurs Aug 3

Radio Valencia heard on 6310 @ 2005 playing country mx for Jari of Finland. SINPO 43333. Reception improved after dark (about 2030) to a 44444 before fading out after 2100.

Station on 6268 heard @ 2010 playing Status Quo. Lost the signal @ 2013. Was this ROZ who I know uses this frequency? SINPO 33333.

Another unidentified station on 6401 @ 2020. Could be same station as previous evening (see Aug 2 posting and comments) Playing oldies mx, no IDs. SINPO 33333. Some utility QRM, improved after 2100 before fading out.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wed Aug 2

A bit of a mess of stations around 6400.

There was a Dutch station on 6403 @ 1930 playing schlager but couldn't catch the ID due to splash from 6401. SINPO 23332.

The station on 6401 was presumed to be Weekend Music Radio playing non-stop oldies. Heard @ 1940 with Chas & Dave, No Doubt and Hall & Oates. Deep fades but signal did reach good levels - 43433. A whistle from the other station on 6403.

Radio Verona was heard on 6295 with a good signal @ 2020 playing schlager and giving out a number for SMS messages in English, Dutch and German. SINPO 44433.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tue Aug 1

The start of a new month and on 6400 was Weekend Music Radio (presumed) playing a recording of the Irish pirate Radio Nova @ 1915. Or it could have been the WMR hoax station as the real WMR has been using 6401. They had a good signal - SINPO 44444.

But nothing heard here of Dutch stations tonight.

By the way, I couldn't listen on Monday evening as I had to work.