Friday, June 30, 2006

Thurs Jun 29

Out all evening. When I got back I heard Radio Digital playing polka music @ 2135 on 6311. Coming in well here with 44444 SINPO. Gave email address of

Laser Hot Hits returned to 6275. Playing pop and oldies @ 2140. Good signal here - 44444.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wed June 28

Radio Mazda on 6305 @ 2000. There was another station underneath creating a whistle on the signal (43433).

A Dutch station on 6300 playing instrumental music and testing his microphone. There was a lot of "testing, 1, 2..." but I didn't hear any IDs. Went off at 2055 (33433).

Continuous music from the 80s was being played on 6284 @ 2050. Could be Island Radio testing his transmitter. Coming in well here with 44444 SINPO.

After Mazda had gone, weak station on 6306 @ 2100. But lot of ute noise so difficult to hear (22332).

More continuous music on 6220 with Mystery Radio and the usual canned IDs. Good signal @ 2230.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tue June 27

Premier Radio Int heard @ 1955 on his usual frequency of 6265 playing oldies with Premier Radio jingles. Sign off @ 2006 with invitation to write to SINPO 44343.

Radio Mazda was playing 60s music on 6305 @ 2030. Coming in well with 44343. Again a fair bit of static noise on 48 metres.

On 6211, another station playing 60s music @ 2055. Splash from 6205. Didn't catch an ID - could be Radio Nordsee Int (33433).

I see from Dr Tim's news that Laser Hot Hits is planning to be back on 6275 with a new transmitter. Certainly at night they are losing the battle for 6220 with Mystery Radio. Last night @ 2200, Mystery was the dominant station on that channel, playing 80s pop and canned IDs.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sun June 25

Orion Radio coming in well at 0750 0n 6400 (SINPO 44444). Later heard with a programme in German.

VO The Netherlands heard announcing a hotline and playing rock music on 6290 @ 0800. Another good signal. SINPO 44444.

Andy Walker was heard presenting Summer Meeting Radio's breakfast show @ 0755 on 6300 (34433). Another station came on top on it for about 15 minutes, which I see from Alfa Lima's forum was Magic AM who couldn't hear SMR.

Premier Radio from Ireland on 6265 @ 0805 with a 33433 while Radio Paardenkracht was playing dance music @ 0815. Another good signal - 44444.

On 6271 @ 0830 was Radio Quintus playing oldies and instr mx with a 34333.

Britain Radio Int was heard on 6242 with a repeat of the 26th birthday programme. 34333 @ 0925 but signal improved during the morning. BRI has a website at

One of the most active stations recently has been Solar Radio. Again on 6209 this morning with a 34433 SINPO. Microphone still sounds very tinny and still no sign of an email address.

This afternoon was pretty quiet. Spaceman was on 6292 @ 1315 with a 34333 while I heard him on 6275 @ 1700 playing schlager, pop, rock etc. Signal strength was now 44444.

Radio Boomerang was on briefly @ 1430 on 6305 (44433). Playing some rock music before going off at 1435.

Polka music was heard on 6270 @ 2130 (34333). But too much static noise and fading to be able to make out ID. Any ideas?

Radio Nordsee Int was 6211 @ 2135 playing pop music (44343).

Radio Borderhunter, back from the summer meeting, was on 6305 @ 2200 playing rock and pop mx (44343). Started off with a strong signal but by 2230 had faded out.

Sat June 24

Radio Underground was on early, as the operator was heading for the summer meeting. Heard at 0900 on 6311 and a 34333 SINPO. Plenty of free radio recordings. Signal varied during the day - faded out in the afternoon before returning in the evening. Booming in after dark.

Antonio Radio was on 6300 playing schlager @ 0925 and giving out a hotline number (34333). Email address is

Solar Radio playing 80s pop and giving out a hotline number on 6209 @ 1100. SINPO here 24332. Also heard in the evening with a better signal on 6209.

All quiet then until the evening when UK station Radio Pandora was heard on 6264 @ 1850 with 'Chuckling' Steve St John, playing oldies. SINPO 34333 here.

He was followed by the return of Radio Geronimo on 6264 @ 1945. SINPO 34343. Dave Scott was heard reading listeners' letters and playing rock music. Email address is

Another UK station, Galaxy Radio made the most of Laser's absence from 6275 by coming on 6276. Heard @ 2000 with an excellent signal - pushing 9+20dB at times! As usual, a live programme reading out text messages and putting phone calls out on the air. SINPO 44444.

Summer Meeting Radio was on 6300, from the pirate meeting on the Dutch/German border. Heard @ 2005 with a 34333 SINPO. Announcement in Dutch, English and German. Gave email address of

Radio Paardenkracht heard on 6325 playing 60s music @ 2010 with a 44444 SINPO.

75m was quiet last night apart from Radio Spaceman on 3927 @ 2030 playing schlager music. Good signal as usual. 44444.

Premier Radio Int was on 6268 but QRM from Pandora and Galaxy made him difficult to hear. At 2045 SINPO was 32332.

Finally on 6294 @ 2305 was Radio Golfbreker playing schlager and IDs in Dutch. 34333 SINPO.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fri June 23

Tentative logging of Delta Radio on 6310 @ 1820. Heard Delta and Veronica jingles but no announcements. 34333 SINPO.

No problems hearing Radio Mazda on 6290 @ 1845. Huge signal hitting 9+20dB on my rx with polka and schlager. SINPO 54444. At 1900 Mazda moved to 6305 - still coming in well with a 44444 SINPO.

Mystery Radio was on 6220 @ 1855 with a 44444 SINPO.

Radio Fox 48 heard @ 2025 on 6304 playing pop mx - signal fair/poor (34333).

Later Big L was heard on 3900 @ 2215. This was direct relay of its internet service by an unknown station - I don't think Big L knew anything about it. It was coming in well here, despite some static (44343) playing 60s music. Big L (formerly known as Radio London) was heard until last year via a Dutch transmitter on 1395 but no sign yet of it returning to medium wave. Its web address is

Finally another tentative logging on 6281 @ 2235 of Radio Likedeeler. QRM from a Chinese station on 6280 so not easy to hear. I heard German pop but could pin down a clear ID. Best in USB. SINPO 32332

Friday, June 23, 2006

Thurs June 22

Radio Mazda was testing a new amplifier on 6290 @ 2045. Playing schlager and coming in well here with a 44444 SINPO. Announcements in English and Dutch. Email address

Thursday, June 22, 2006

One month on

It is now a month since Shortwave Pirates made its debut and I hope DXers and stations find it useful and interesting.

I'm pleased with the response and it is has had mentions on several stations, with special thanks to Radio Underground for his plugs. Thanks also should go to the excellent Alfa Lima forum from where most of the traffic has come from.

I am always open to ideas so if there is anything you would like to see or feel could be done differently just fill in the comments box.


Wed June 21

I just caught the end of a strong station on 6295 with sudden sign off @ 2030 with no IDs. Playing Steve Harley song, SINPO 44444.

At the other end of 48 metres two stations were both fighting for the same frequency.

On 6209 @ 2025 was UK station Solar Radio playing dance music but interference from Iran on 6205 and a station on 6211 so SINPO of 32332.

The station on 6211 was Radio Nordsee Int playing oldies. Slightly stronger than Solar with 33433 SINPO.

Mystery Radio, as always, was on 6220, with Laser underneath.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mon June 19

Local fade out on 48m meant no sign of Laser on 6220 (or 6275) @ 1700 so Mystery Radio in the clear on 6220 with the usual non-stop pops and canned IDs (34433).

Around 2000 station on 6290 switching on and off playing schlager. Could have been Mazda but no IDs heard (33433).

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday June 18

Weekend Music Radio was still on this morning and I'm listening to them now as I type this. Great signal at the moment on 6401 @ 2045 (54444) playing recordings of Spanish stations.

Back to this morning...Radio Underground on 6311 @ 0750 with loggings, recordings and free radio chat. Strange conditions - signal varied between good and non-existant! On average 33433.

Tower & Veronique also back this morning on 6301 @ 0800 with 44444. Continued all day with chat in Dutch, schlager, beer etc.

Orion Radio was on 6325 this Sunday playing rock n roll @ 0755, signing off at 0800, as usual. SINPO 44444.

Premier Radio from Ireland on 6264 @ 0805 with oldies. SINPO 34433.

Radio Paardenkracht on 6250 @ 0810 with 70s pop, but had to listen to half an hour of non-stop music before he IDed and signed off. SINPO 34333.

Laser Hot Hits (via Jolly Roger Radio) moved from usual 6239 to 6242. SINPO 33433 @ 0840.

Radio Borderhunter was on 6270 @ 0920 - started at 44433 but faded badly.

WNKR returned to its old frequency of 6285 (which it was pushed off after Laser moved on to it a year or so ago before shifting to 6275). Heard with Andy Walker @ 1020. SINPO 34333.

Solar Radio from the UK heard on 6209 @ 1030 playing dance music and giving out a mobile number for reception reports. 34333.

Finally, a former pirate, European Music Radio heard for the first time via the Julich transmitter in Germany on 6045 @ 1200 with a one hour programme of music and listeners' letters. SINPO 55555. Announced a new email and web address: and Did use the Latvia transmitter on 9290 but this is now shutdown for reconstruction.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sat June 17

Another hot day here in the UK.

Tower Radio and Radio Veronique heard @ 1245 on 6301 with schlager and announcements in Dutch, German and English. SINPO 34433. Went off @ 1400.

Weekend Music Radio from Scotland was back after an absence of several months. Heard @ 1645 on 6401 with 34333 SINPO with chat about free radio and playing rock music. Now it in its 26th year. Has new email address of and still using same snail mail address of 14 Stone Row, Coleraine, Northern Ireland BT52 1EP. Reception spoilt after 1700 by another station signing on on 6400 leading to het between the 2 signals.

Radio Mazda playing schlager on 6290 @ 2115. Coming in well here with SINPO 44444.

Radio Ramona on 6400 @ 2125 clashing with WMR - but here this was first time during the evening Ramona was the stronger station (33433).

Radio Scotland Int heard testing a new antenna on 6285 @ 2140, playing oldies (44444).

Radio Borderhunter also coming in well on 6295 @ 2155 (44444) while there was another station on 6305 - but frequency too noisy and signal not strong enough to get a clear ID on it.

Down on 75m was Radio Spaceman was the usual selection of polka, schlager, rock and anything else that took his fancy. He was on 3927 @ 2200 with a 44433 SINPO. Signal a bit fluttery here.

Fri June 16

No doubt there was much Dutch celebrating last night after the Netherlands qualified for the next round of the World Cup, following their win over Ivory Coast.

Certainly there was a fair bit of Dutch activity on the bands later on. I heard Radio Mazda on 6290 @ 2035 with schlager coming in with 43433 SINPO. Usual ute QRM.

The noise levels were quite high last night on 48m so I have few unids as well between 2030 and 2100. On 6293 was another station - could be Eldorado but was lost under splatter from Mazda.

On 6296 another station heard playing Veronica jingles while on 6299 was another station playing rock music (Fox 48?).

There was also activity on 75m with Radio Continental on 3907 @ 33333 @ 2100. I think it was a joint broadcast with Radio Piepzender. There was a lot of chat in Dutch and polka music. Email address on Still on an hour later when the signal had improved.

The "secret sounds" of Radio Borderhunter were coming in well on 3925 @ 2220 with a 44333 SINPO playing rock music plus canned IDs in Russian.

Back on 48m West Coast Radio was on 6309 @ 2230 (34333) but a fair bit of fading by this time while on 6220 was Mystery Radio @ 2240, as usual.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Jun 14 & 15

On Wednesday, heard Radio Romeo Echo on 6310 @ 2230 playing some instrumental music. But, still thundery conditions here and static crashes (34333).

Mystery Radio was heard both nights around 2200 on 6220. Coming in well, Laser not really a problem.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tues June 13

Eldorado Radio on 6293 @ 1915 with a 33333 SINPO playing song by the Beatles, giving out ID and email address,

Lot of static in the air due to proximity of thunderstorms plus some strong SSB QRM making it tricky hearing Eldorado.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monday June 12

Mystery Radio has been very active on 6220 recently. Heard again last night @ 2230 with good signals and usual canned IDs.

Most evenings seems to dominate 6220 - can hardly hear Laser. Since Laser's frequency move from 6219 to 6220, there's no whistle on the signal.

It is a shame Mystery Radio can't put out some more live programmes like they did last month with their DSWCI and Chris Ise programmes.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunday June 11

I could only listen for a few hours in the morning. First station I heard was Orion Radio on 6300 @ 0755 playing 70s pop, Showaddy Waddy, Rubettes. Coming in well here 44433.

Radio Saturnus was on 6285 @ 0800 with a selection of oldies and dance music with a 44433 SINPO.

Britain Radio Int was on 6239 @ 0910, with Roger Davis asking for reception reports. 34433 here with a 26th birthday show.

A rare morning programme from Spaceman - maybe because the Dutch were in action in the afternoon in the World Cup. Coming in well here with schlager & pop @ 0915 on 6292. SINPO 44444.

Premier Radio Int was active again on 6265 @ 0930 playing clips from Irish radio stations. 34333.

Radio Atlantis was on 6305 playing pop and dance music @ 1055. SINPO 34433. I saw on the shortwave pirates message board that its email adddress is now

Radio Zodiac was on 6322 @ 1115 with a 34433 SINPO playing rock music.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sat June 10

48 metres a bit flat until the evening when I heard Radio Underground on 6311 @ 1700. Coming in well (44433) with the usual excellent free radio news and recordings plus Andy Walker playing football songs from the past and present.

Premier Radio Int was on 6265 @ 2045 playing 80s pop (33433) while on 6292 was Antonio Radio playing schlager and giving out a hotline number.

Eldorado Radio was on 6298 @ 2055 but suffering splash from Delta Radio on 6305 - signal 32432 here.

Delta Radio was booming in on 6305 @ 2105 (43443) playing rock & pop but there was a utility station underneath. Announced email add of

Island Radio was on 6284 @ 2120 with oldies and also announcing 1593 medium wave. Coming in well here (44444). Email address

Not much happening on 75 metres. I heard a station on 3907 @ 2115 but too much noise and signal wasn't strong enough to pull out an ID.

Friday, June 09, 2006

6, 7 & 8 June

Not much time for listening this week with visitors here. But what I did hear was Mystery Radio on 6220 on all three nights.

On Tuesday, a station on 6298 @ 1910 playing oldies but couldn't catch the ID (34333) and yesterday evening non-stop music on 6284 @ 2000 (33433). Probably Island Radio.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Monday June 5

Magic AM was heard yesterday morning on 6296 @ 0905. Conditions weren't great though (34433) while on 6292 Antonio Radio was playing polka @ 0915 with a 33433 SINPO.

Radio Atlantis was on 6305 with a short programme playing dance music @ 0920 (34433) and announcing an email address of

On 6210 was Radio Borderhunter with a varied selection of oldies. The best of the signals on 48 metres yesterday morning @ 0925 (44433).

In the evening, a station I haven't heard for a long time was Radio Black Arrow on 6283 testing a new antenna @ 1920 (34433).

While on 6300 @ 1930 was Radio Blackbird playing "happy" polka music. Slightly better signal than Black Arrow, but not brilliant conditions last night (34433).

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday June 4

Conditions were quite good this morning considering it is midsummer but signals did fade out later.

Skyline Radio International was putting in a good signal @ 0750 announcing a hotline and playing oldies (44444) while on 6210 was German station Radio Thunderbird @ 0805 with a 34433 SINPO.

Orion Radio heard signing off @ 0800 but suffering from a noisy utility station on the same frequency making him difficult to hear (32432).

Radio Paardenkracht was putting in a good signal on 6295 @ 0810 with oldies and Dutch music.

On 6265 was the Irish station Premier Radio Int @ 0820 with a live programme playing 1970s songs from Genesis, Mike Oldfield etc. Email is Reception fair (33433) - some splash from Laser on 6275.

Antonio Radio was on 6398 @ 0825 with schlager and announcing hotline number. Fair signal (33433).

A new station for me was Radio Atlantis on 6305 @ 1015 playing dance music and giving out a hotline number for reception reports (34333).

6210 is normally a good frequency but it was suffering some of utility QRM today which affected Magic AM's signal @ 1020. SINPO here 33433.

A couple of Dutch stations I didn't manage to put a name to were heard around 0815 on 6290 and another 6305.

Radio Underground heard with a repeat of yesterday programmes @ 1450 going through Dr Tim's logs (33433).

Eldorado Radio struggling through the noise on 6293 @ 1455 (23332) but lost completely at 1500 when the religious broadcaster from Ireland, Reflections Europe, signed on on 6295.

Island Radio from Ireland was heard on 6284 with live programming @ 2100 until 2300, playing rock and punk music from the 1970s. Email address and putting in a good signal here - 44444.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sat June 3

Listening to Andy Walker on Radio Underground on 6311 at the moment (1950), coming in well here (44444), a bit of utility noise and fading but nothing too severe. Earlier today, I heard the free radio programme @ 1555 with a 43443 SINPO. Thanks for the mention!

Radio Mazda on 6290 @ 1615 with schlager but suffering from utility QRM (43443). Back on at 2000 with strong signal (54444).

Also heard Radio Ramona @ 1710 with IDs and oldies music. Address Reception here 34333.

Just caught the end of Radio Paardenkracht on 6300 @ 2140 playing traditional Dutch music (44433).

On 6325 was Radio Romeo Echo playing 80s pops and many IDs. Signal struggling between poor and fair here @ 2155 (23332). Caught email address of and offering "nice QSL."

Radio Scotland Int on 6300 @ 2205 with the usual good signal (44444). Also announced 1476 medium wave, but nothing heard here.

West Coast Radio was on 6303, which wasn't a good choice with RSI 3kHz away so not easy to hear. Managed to get ID @ 2300. SINPO 33433 at best.

Fri Jun 3

West Coast Radio back on 6312 @ 2225. Reception not as good as previous night with a lot more fading (34433).

Mystery Radio on 6220 mixing with Laser Hot Hits. (42432)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Thurs June 1

Good conditions meant another busy evening on 48 metres. But before that, I've noticed Laser Hot Hits has made a slight change to one of their frequencies.

They've moved from 6219 to 6220.1. It does mean when Mystery Radio is on, there's no longer a heterodyne created by the two signals. But yesterday evening both stations were broadcasting but neither dominated 6220 so the result was just a mess.

Also LHH seems to have been running different programmes on 6220 and 6275.

Radio Mazda was heard on 6305 @ 1640 playing some polka before going off (44333) while on 6311 Radio Digital was playing 70s pop (33433).

A station I haven't heard for a long time is Radio Albatross who was on 6294 @ 1935 with a selection of oldies (44333) and email address of

But his programme was spoilt by another station coming on 6295 making it impossible to hear. It seems the new station hadn't checked before switching on.

When Albatross flew off, Radio Victoria was heard on 6295 with oldies music (44333) @ 2020.

Meanwhile on 6300 a station was playing old recordings of Laser 558. It might have been Valley Wave who I have heard in the past playing tapes of the former offshore station. Heard @ 2000 with 22432 suffering from some utility QRM and not a good signal.

A break from the radio to watch the latest goings on in Big Brother on TV.

But when I returned Mazda was back on 6305 @ 2135 with a great signal (44444) before going off.

Also heard was Radio Dr Tim on 6301 @ 2145 calling Mazda and playing a German World Cup song - not long to go now! Coming in with a fair signal here (34333).

Finally on 6312 was West Coast Radio @ 2200 with mainly 80s pop - Depeche Mode, U2, Human League etc. Great signal (44444) and music. Also thanks for mentioning this website. WCR went off at 2305.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

May 30 & 31

Only station I heard on May 30 was Eldorado Radio on 6298 @ 1700. Fair signal here (34333) with programme in Dutch and English playing polka.

On May 31, heard Fox 48 @ 2140 on 6300 playing oldies. Coming in quite well here (34333) although the signal was quite noisy.

On 6220 Mystery Radio was playing its usual pop with jingles @ 2245. Laser Hot Hits was underneath (43443). It seems neither station wants to give up this frequency, although LHH comes in a lot better on 6275. But I guess they don't want to let Mystery Radio push them off 6220.