Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sun July 30

Almost a total fade out on 48 metres first thing with only Laser just about audible on 6220/6274 - no Dutch stations at all @ 0745. The situation didn't improve until mid-morning when more stations began to appear. Only signals from Ireland seemed to be making the skip.

Premier Radio Int was heard on 6265 @ 0820 playing the Human League and Dire Straits. 34333 SINPO.

Radio Paardenkracht was on 6325 @ 0845 playing schlager. SINPO 34433, improved later in the morning. Gave out email address of

Radio Valencia was on 6308 @ 1000 with schlager and announcements in English and Dutch. Conditions now beginning to pick-up. SINPO 44433.

Delta Radio (Gelderland) was on 6305 @ 1030 playing dance music. SINPO 44433.

A station I haven't heard for a few months, Radio Atlantis, was on 6300 playing dance music. SINPO 33433.

Radio Boomerang was on 6293 @ 1115 with a short broadcast, playing "Good Vibrations," then ID in Dutch. 43433.

The Bogusman with his reflections on life and alternative music was on 6266 @ 1140 with a 44433 SINPO. Back again in the evening, heard at 2035 on the same frequency playing Suede and talking about art galleries. Good signal - 44444.

Radio Mazda was on 6290 @ 1230 with schlager and polka and giving out the phone number. 43433.

I was out for the rest of the afternoon. When I returned switched on and heard a station on 6303 @ 1900. Unfortunately suffering strong SSB QRM and splash from Reflections Europe on 6295. Probably Dutch (32432).

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sat July 29

48 metres came alive once the sun set here - about 8.55pm British Summer Time (1955UTC).

Radio Mazda coming in with a very good signal on 6290 @ 2000 playing a song by Boney M. SINPO 54444.

On Air AM from Germany was heard signing off @ 2005 on 6246 with some utility qrm. Fair signal here. SINPO 33333.

On 6310 was Radio Valencia playing schlager @ 2010 and giving out the hotline number in Dutch and English. Some ssb qrm. SINPO 43433.

A short test from Radio Paardenkracht on 6325 @ 2035 playing some instrumental music, and talking in Dutch. Off at 2042. Good signal from Mr Horse Power - 44444.

Radio Boomerang was blasting in 0n 6300 @ 2050 playing oldies from 70s/80s, including "Come Up & See Me" and "School's Out." Excellent signal - 54444. Also gave email address of Off at 2113.

Radio Zoulou Kilo from France heard @ 2115 on 6300 calling Boomerang. Poor signal here, but just readable. SINPO 24332. Short QSO with Boomerang.

Premier Radio Int was on 6240 @ 2125 playing his usual 70s oldies and "Premier Radio" jingles. Good signal - 44433. Went off at 2205.

Station on 6300 @ 2200 playing non-stop Beatles songs. SINPO 34333 until lost under utility noise.

Fri July 28

Poor conditions so not much heard.

Delta Radio was on 6305 @ 1940 with thanks to Jaroslav for SMS and talking about the weather in English and playing schlager. Fair signal - 34433 SINPO.

The only other station I heard was Laser on 6220/6274. But signal was fair at best.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thurs July 27

Radio Mazda was putting in a good signal on 6305 @ 2020 with non-stop schlager. ID heard at 2103 giving out hotline in Dutch and English. SINPO 44444.

Radio Romeo Echo was on 6320 @ 2145 giving out his email address and playing oldies, including "Mrs Robinson," "Twist and Shout." Clear channel but some static noise (although not as bad as the night before). SINPO 34333.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wed July 26

Another evening with a lot of crackle on 48 metres but not much else.

Only station to report was Radio Zodiac heard signing off @ 1940 on 6302 with the RNI theme and a Zodiac jingle. SINPO 34333.

Tues July 25

Not great conditions as the heat continues to rise here feels like it's been the hottest summer ever!

Weak Dutch station on 6290 @ 2000. Heard schlager but heavy ssb and utility qrm on same frequency made getting ID almost impossible. 22332.

Tentative logging of Radio Ruigezand (Roughsand) on 6307 @ 2155, giving out email address and signing off with song "Amsterdam". Closed down at 2200. Fading and crackling made it difficult to be 100% sure. SINPO 34333.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mon July 24

Radio Valencia heard @ 1915 on 6304 with schlager. Good signal here, giving out email address. SINPO 43433.

Radio Intercity was on 6289 with ID @ 1948, greeting Jari from Finland in English. Also gave out phone number and email address. Playing dance mx. SINPO 34433.

Just turned on the radio again @ 2225 to hear station playing schlager on 6311. Went off a few minutes later without ID. SINPO 34433. Any ideas?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sun July 23

Weekend Music Radio coming in well on 6401 @ 0825. SINPO 44444. The station said it plans to get some QSLs printed up by the end of the month. Mailing address is 14 Stone Row, Coleraine, Northern Ireland BT52 1EP.

Radio Paardenkracht was on 6290 @ 0830 with oldies, mentioning Marcel from France. SINPO 44444.

Conditions not been great for the short skip from Radio Underground's transmitter to my receiver today. Faded in at 0835 on 6311 with Steve and the free radio news before Andy Walker and a Syd Barrett (of Pink Floyd) special. SINPO 43433. Signal disappeared for most of the day before returning in the early evening.

Antonio Radio playing polka on 6300 @ 0845 with Dutch announcements. SINPO 34433.

Premier Radio Int, overlooking Galway Bay, on 6265 @ 0850 with the usual 70s mx. 43433 SINPO.

Radio Brigitte was on 6540 @ 0905 with polka, but suffering ssb qrm. 33433.

Laser Hot Hits was heard via Jolly Roger Radio on 6242 @ 0910 with 60s mx. SINPO 43433. Laser was also on via JRR's other transmitter on 6380 @ 1000 but swamped by utility qrm. SINPO 32332.

Radio Shadowman coming in with a good signal on 6305, playing polka, @ 0915. SINPO 44444.

Radio Waves Int from France was on 6324 @ 0920 with country music and IDs in French and English. 33433.

Britain Radio Int via JRR on 6242 @ 0935 playing some rare 60s mx. A good signal here - 44444. Later in the morning it was one of the best on 48 metres.

Radio Mazda was on 6280 @ 0955 playing schlager and giving out the station hotline. 43443.

Solar Radio was on 6304 @ 1545 with 80s pop. SINPO 34433.

Sat July 22

Weekend Music Radio on 6401 @ 1815 reading listeners' letters, a repeat of a previous programme. Good signal, 44343.

The Finnish pirate Radio Blue House was back on the air with a great signal on 6305 @ 1900 - obviously relayed via one of the Dutch powerhouse stations. Heard here with a 44343 SINPO playing blues music. After dark SINPO rose to 54444. Off at 2100. He uses the SRS Germany mailing address or email to

A tentative logging of Radio Likedeeler on 6283 playing pop @ 1925. SINPO of 32332. Station suffering qrm from the UK station Solar Radio, who was using 6284. Solar, slightly stronger here, with a SINPO of 33333.

Radio Ramona heard on 6400 @ 1930 suffering interference from Weekend Music Radio 1kHz away. SINPO 32332.

An unidentified station on 6270 @ 1955 with co-channel ssb qrm and splash from Laser on 6274. SINPO 22332. Couldn't pick out an ID.

Another unidentified station heard on 6325 playing non-stop 70s and 80s music. No IDs heard. Quite a lot of static in the air after a huge thunderstorm during the afternoon. 34333.

Delta Radio was on 6305 @ 2205 with oldies. Superb signal - 54444 SINPO.

Radio Mazda was on 6290 playing schlager @ 2215. Also coming in well with a 44444 SINPO.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Fri July 21

Radio Mazda coming in with a good signal here on 6305 @ 2020 playing schlager, announcements in Dutch, English and German. SINPO 44444.

On 6400 was Radio Ramona @ 2025 playing oldies, IDs and email address. SINPO 34333.

Radio Spaceman was on 75 metres on 3927. Heard @ 2035 playing 80s rock "Final Countdown," "Eye of the Tiger." Good signal - 44444.

Radio Romeo Echo was on 6311 @ 2205, heard playing "My Sharona," and giving out email address, Fair signal but some static - another humid, hot night here. SINPO 34333.

Premier Radio Int made a short test on 6265 @ 2215 playing some 70s mx. Good signal with live announcements. Went off at 2225. SINPO was 44333.

The strongest station on the band after 2200 was the Chinese station on 6280, playing traditional Chinese music - but not a pirate!

Thurs July 20

Eldorado Radio was on 6298 @ 2000 playing Veronica jingles, giving out email address in Dutch and English. SINPO 33333.

Station heard on 6303 @ 2200 playing oldies and ballads. Signal disappeared - either switched off or faded out - at 2215 before I could hear an ID. SINPO 34333. I see Achims Free Radio Disaster had West Coast logged on this frequency - see link.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wed July 19

Radio Ramona heard @ 2045 on 6400 playing dance music and giving out the email address of Fair signal here (33333).

West Coast Radio was on 6312 @ 2210 playing some dance mx and 80s mx. Again a fair signal, peaking at good levels (34333). WCR signed off at 2245.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tues July 18

Not much to report.

Station heard @ 1915 on 6300 playing song "Wall of Sound" several times before going off, no ID heard. SINPO 34333.

Another station heard on 6400 @ 1930 playing dance mx. Again no ID heard while I was listening. 33333. Possibly Radio Ramona.

Nothing heard later on apart from Laser on 6275/6220.

Any ideas?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mon July 17

West Coast Radio heard @ 2150 on 6305, giving out email and snail mail addresses and phone number, playing rock mx. SINPO 34433. Unfortunately signal not holding up well and soon faded out.

Weekend Music Radio booming in on 6401 @ 2200 playing rock mx and reading letters from listeners in Belgium, Holland and Japan. SINPO 44444. Operator Jack says he plans to be on every weekend. Signal still good an hour later.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sun Jul 16

Another very hot day. Not good for shortwave reception.

I heard Radio Saturnus @ 0750 on 6265 playing schlager, announcements in Dutch and English. 33433 SINPO.

Radio Orion playing a selection of oldies plus some polka music on 6400 @ 0755. Signed off @ 0805. SINPO of 44333.

Radio Victoria was on 6285 @ 0810 playing rock and pop. Fair signal - 34433.

Solar Radio heard on 6211 @ 0905 playing dance mx. Fair signal but fair bit of fading - 34433.

Radio Underground finally faded in @ 0920 on 6311 although most of day suffering deep fades - a good signal at times and other times disappeared completely. He also announced a new phone number of 07908 556 163. SINPO 33433. Thanks for the mention, Steve.

Premier Radio Int was heard on 6265 @ 0925 playing the usual 70s mx and "Premier Radio" jingles. 34433.

Radio Valencia was on 6304 @ 0935 with schlager and oldies, like "Don't Cry for Me Argentina." Gave out email address of SINPO 34433.

Looked for Sligo European Radio on 9330 but nothing here, although I did hear Laser Hot Hits on 9390 with a fair signal.

Bogusman heard on 6266 @ 2035 chatting about life etc, and playing indie music. SINPO 43433.

Eldorado Radio was on 6307 @ 2145 playing "Japanese Boy" and other oldies. SINPO 34333.

West Coast Radio heard on 6286 @ 2155 with dance music. Some splash from Reflections Europe, strong here on 6295. WCR's SINPO was 33433.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sat July 15

Poor conditions on 48m tonight and not much heard.

First up, was Weekend Music Radio (the real one this time, I think) @ 1830 on 6401, playing Black Sabbath and WMR jingles. 34433 SINPO.

Radio Mazda was playing a lot of non-stop schlager on 6290. He finally did ID @ 1845. Another 34433 SINPO.

I think 75m was a bit better. Certainly Spaceman was coming in well on 3927 @ 2015 with 44444 SINPO playing schlager and chat in Dutch and English.

But it was bad news for a station on 3922 which was swamped by Spaceman's mega-signal. Heard some 80s pop but couldn't catch an ID. Went off @ 2020.

Even Laser was struggling on 6275/6220. When I returned to the radio I heard a German station on 6306 @ 2140 playing German pop. Modulation was a bit distorted and again I couldn't get an ID and 48m was rapidly fading out. SINPO 34433.

Any ideas on the unids?

Fri July 14

Radio Saturnus heard on 6323 @ 1940 with 50W playing dance mx. Some utility qrm (43333) - signal improved to 44444 later on. He said he was sitting in his backyard as it was a warm evening in the Netherlands.

Antonio Radio heard playing polka on 6302 @ 1945. Good signal here (44444). He was joined by Whitesnake Radio.

Intercity Radio on 6296 @ 2035 with dance mx. Fair signal here (34333).

Station on 6284 @ 2045 playing non-stop oldies from 80s & 90s. SINPO 33433 but no IDs heard.

I just caught Radio Zodiac signing off on 6313 @ 2130. Good signal here (44444).

Weak signal on 6300 @ 2210. Not strong enough to ID - possibly Dutch (24332). I think 48m was fading out earlier than previous nights.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Thurs July 13

ROZ was heard on 6268 @ 1915 playing rock and pop from the 70s & 80s. Some splash from Laser on 6275. SINPO 33433.

Solar Radio was on 6305 @ 2035 playing a wide selection of music from the 60s, 70s & 80s. Giving out mobile phone number for contact. Some ssb qrm (43433). Still on at 2300 (midnight UK time).

Radio Digital made a short broadcast on 6313 @ 2040 playing dance mx, and mentioning Intercity Radio. Talk in Dutch. 44333.

Weekend Music Radio was on 6400 @ 2150. It could be the hoax WMR as programme was one aired a few weeks ago. Coming in quite well with a 44333 SINPO.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wed July 12

Not good conditions so not much heard.

I did pick up Eldorado Radio on 6297 @ 2000 with schlager and IDs. SINPO 34333.

Radio Ruigezand heard on 6301 @ 2040 playing rock music and giving out its email address. Another 34333 SINPO.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hoax WMR

This message left by Jack Russell of the real Weekend Music Radio at Swedish Report Service forum: "Hey there guys, If anyone has been tuning around 6400.2 recently. The hoax WMR has been back playing recordings of WMR from 2 weeks ago. Heard Sunday night and monday night so far. The real WMR freq is more like 6401, although another crystal is needed to bring the freq down a bit. WMR has a new e mail address... wmrscotland [at]"

Whoever this WMR hoaxer is was putting out a signal as good as the real WMR. The only giveaway was the slight difference in frequency. Of course, he is not pretending to be WMR - he is rebroadcasting the programmes of the real WMR - but why?

Tues July 11

Radio Intercity was heard @ 2000 on 6312 playing 80s mx. Coming in well here with a 34333 SINPO. Off at 2055. Announced email address of

Dutch station on 6294 playing dance mx @ 2010. Signal not quite strong enough to hear an ID. 24332.

No problems hearing Radio Mazda on 6290 @ 2100. Very good signal (54444) with schlager.

Another unidentified station on 6285. Playing non-stop mx. Went off suddenly @ 2140. 44433.

West Coast Radio on 6295 @ 2145. Good signal again (44444), playing rock mx. He was also joined by Rob 007 and Radio Ramona. Off at 2320. Thanks for the kind words about this site. Much appreciated.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mon July 10

Weekend Music Radio on 6400 @ 1905. Coming in well with 44444 SINPO.

Tentative log of Wave Radio on 6300 @ 1915. Station playing rock music but no ID while I was listening. 33333 SINPO.

Station on 6304 @ 1920 playing music by 80s band The Smiths (43433). Again no ID and lost at 1930 when Radio Mazda signed on on 6305 with schlager. Bit of a whistle between the two signals (43443).

West Coast Radio heard @ 2155 on 6295 playing 80s pop. A good signal here (44444). Reception held up until 2310UTC when it faded out. WCR announced email address of and snail mail address of Baljuwstraat 24, 2225GG Katwyk, Netherlands.

Still a horrible mess on 6305 @ 2200. Station playing 90s dance mx competing with a station playing 80s soft rock. Bad heterodyne and couldn't pick an ID out of either. It's a shame stations can't check whether frequencies are clear before switching on to avoid this situation!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sun July 9

Quite a lot of activity on Sunday morning. Cool and windy day here - heatwave is over!

Starting off with Orion Radio on 6400 @ 0740 playing oldies, giving out the address (in Oldebroek) and email. 34333 SINPO.

Radio Borderhunter was on 6210 @ 0745 playing 60s mx. Always seems to be well received here - today no exception (44444).

On 6292 @ 0750 was Antonio Radio playing instrumental music and in qso with Sallandse Boer and Digital. 34333.

Premier Radio Int from the west coast of Ireland was on 6265 @ 0755 playing the usual 70s mx. 34433 here.

Radio Mazda was playing schlager on 6305 @ 0820. Good signal here - 44444.

Radio Paardenkracht was on 6325 @ 0825, co-channel with a weaker station underneath. Playing dance mx. 33443.

On 6269 was Radio Saturnus playing 80s mx @ 0830 with 33433 SINPO and giving out its email address of

Jolly Roger Radio was on 6242 with Big Bill's Country Classics - an American country music show @ 0835 with 33433. JRR also relayed Britain Radio Int @ 0905. Roger Davis heard talking about 40th anniversary of start of Radio 270 - an offshore station that broadcast off the Yorkshire coast in the mid-1960s.

Radio Shadowman was on 6297 @ 0910 playing schlager & oldies, talk in Dutch. Gave email address as

Couple of German station stations heard on 6205 & 6285. Not strong enough to ID here. Bermuda DX logged Thunderbird on 6205 & Likedeeler on 6285.

On 6265 was Delta Radio @ 0940 with schlager, oldies. At first co-channel qrm (probably with Premier Radio) but later in the clear. SINPO 43433. Gave email address as Off 1155.

On 6300 was a station playing polka @ 1045. Again not strong enough to ID.

Weekend Music Radio heard @ 1630 on 6400 - slight change from previous frequency of 6401. Featured rock music and recordings of old shortwave stations. 44433 SINPO. Still going strong @ 2300, when signal began to fade out. Around 2200, signal was 9+20dB.

Radio Ridiculous was testing equipment on 6309 @ 2040. Good signal here - 44444. Playing instrumental 'anorak' music. Went off @ 2045.

Cupid Radio was on 6305 @ 2030, playing rock & dance mx. Some splash from Ridiculous on 6309. SINPO 43443. Announced PO Box 9, 8096ZG Oldebroek, Netherlands address.

Mystery Radio was on 6220 with usual pop and canned IDs. Stronger than co-channel Laser @ 2145. SINPO 43443.

Sat July 8

Solar Radio was heard @ 1430 with 34433 SINPO on 6305 playing oldies and announcing a phone number - still the only way to contact this UK station.

West Coast Radio was on 6298 @ 1515 playing Status Quo among others, English announcements. 34433 SINPO.

Tentative logging of ROZ (Radio Omroep Zuid) on 6268 @ 1745. Lot of non-stop oldies music and a few announcements in Dutch. 34433.

Delta Radio (Gelderland) on 6305 @ 1815. Reception difficult due to co-channel qrm - possibly Solar Radio. Playing dance music. 43443.

Radio Zodiac Int back on 6321 @ 2035 using 50W of power. Playing oldies, including Rolling Stones. SINPO 33433.

Radio Mazda (presumed) on 6290 @ 2040 playing schlager. Strong signal (54444) but no announcements while I was listening. Went out of the room and when I came back was gone!

Radio Ramona heard on 6400 playing 60s mx and jingles @ 2100. 44433 SINPO.

Radio Fox 48 on 6298 @ 2200 playing pop and signing off. 33433. Suffering splash from Radio Victoria on 6295 (34333).

Delta Radio back @ 2240 on 6310 but 48 metres fading out by now so only a 33333 SINPO.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fri July 7

Radio Zodiac Int was heard @ 2135 on 6321 with a good signal. Announced hotline, email address of and playing oldies music. SINPO 44444.

Radio Borderhunter was heard on 6280 @ 2220 with a very strong signal (54444) playi ng rock music. There was a Chinese station on the same frequency but with Borderhunter's signal hitting 9+20dB it was not really a problem.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Thurs July 6

Solar Radio heard on new frequency of 6305 @ 2215 playing 80s mx. Coming in well here - 44333. Went off at 2230.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wed July 5

Huge thunderstorms last night - not good for shortwave DX.

Station very weak on 6305 @ 2200. Heard some 80s mx but couldn't make out any speech. I see on Bermuda DX that it was World Cup Radio. 23232

Bad conditions here - a lot of static in the air.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tues July 4

Not good conditions on 48m - lot of noise and static on the bands.

A tentative log of Radio Eldorado on 6298 @ 1755. Signal just rising above the noise level (24332).

A station playing rock music on 6300 @ 2000 but signal not strong enough to be heard above noise (23332).

I did managed to ID Radio Digital @ 2010 on 6295 with a short broadcast of schlager, ID in Dutch and off. 34333.

On 6288 station playing pop music @ 2200. Possibly heard West Coast Radio jingle through the crashes but no voice announcements (44333).

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mon July 3

Solar Radio is one of the most active UK stations on 48 metres at the moment. Heard again @ 1920 playing dance music on 6209. Some spash from Iran on 6205. SINPO 33433.

A new Dutch station on shortwave is Radio Ruigezand (Roughsand). Heard for the first time on 6305 @ 2240 playing schlager with announcements in English. Some splash from a utility station on 6310 but not a bad signal (33433). Repeated email address several times. This is

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sun July 2

Strange conditions today - very few stations heard well.

Weekend Music Radio continued today on 6401. Strongest in the evening. Heard WMR playing recordings of the station when it first opened in 1980!

Orion Radio was on 6325, heard signing off @ 0800. Reception not as good as last week (34433), no doubt due to conditions.

Radio Brigitte was on 6540 playing schlager @ 0815. Announced email address of Reception was 34433.

A new station, GPT Radio heard @ 0825 on 6300 playing oldies. Email address Another 34433 SINPO.

I don't know how much power Radio Borderhunter was using, but certainly the best signal on 48m this morning. Heard @ 0900 on 6210 with SINPO of 44444. Closed down soon after.

Radio Underground did not fade up here until 0955 on 6311 with 34333 SINPO. Steve was talking about last week's summer meeting plus reading an email from Laser Hot Hits explaining why they had been off 6275. It seems a JCB cut through the transmitter cable. Underground faded out again after about 30 minutes!

Radio Golfbreker on 6300 @ 1150 playing schlager and polka with announcements in Dutch (34333).

MV Baltic Radio was heard via Julich on 6045 @ 1200 with a one hour programme. Sign on in English and German and announced web address of Reception excellent (55555).

Radio Fox 48 on 6306 @ 2020, playing the Birdie Song and giving ID. Signal here 34333.

Solar Radio on 6209 @ 2035 playing 70s/80s music, The Jam, Human League etc. Reception here 34333.

Intercity Radio on 6300 playing rock music @ 2040 with a 33433 SINPO. QRM from Reflections Europe on 6295. Off @ 2041.

Sat July 1

Radio Pandora was back on 6264 @ 1940 with 'chuckling' Steve St John playing oldies and chatting away. Coming in well here with SINPO of 44444.

Weekend Music Radio was on 6401 @ 1945. The station apologised for its non-appearance last weekend due to technical problems. Playing rock music and talk about Radio Caroline. Excellent signal - 44444.

At 2015 was Radio Omroep Zuid (ROZ) playing 80s pop on 6301. Signed off a few minutes later (34333).

Another Dutch station on 6270 @ 2025 suffering splatter from Laser on 6275. Also a numbers station on 6270 so couldn't pick out an ID. 42332.

Radio Albatross was on 6295 @ 2030 with a good clear signal playing oldies music. 44444.

On his own on 75 metres was Radio Spaceman on 3927 playing rock and reading out text messages @ 2130. As always a great signal - 44444.

Back on 48m, Radio Mazda was on 6305 @ 2140, powering in playing schlager with announcements in Dutch & English. Another 44444 SINPO.

On 6324 was Radio Fox 48 from Scandinavia @ 2220 playing rock and pop. Coming in with a 34333 SINPO.

Radio Victoria was on 6295 playing 80s pop @ 2235 with a 44444 SINPO. Announced email address of

On 6300 was Radio Shadow playing schlager and 70s/80s music @ 2240. Some splash from Victoria but not bad reception - 34333.

West Coast Radio was on 6311 @ 2245 playing 80s mx. Not as strong as usual as I think 48 metres was beginning to fade at this time of the night. SINPO 34333.

Finally, I've noticed Mystery Radio has not been on 6220 the last two nights leaving Laser Hot Hits in the clear. LHH has been running different programmes on 6220 and 6275, while 4025 is in parallel with 6275.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fri June 30

Station heard playing rock music on 6300 @ 1930. No ID heard. 33333.

Another unidentified station on 6281 playing non-stop pop and rock @ 43443. A bit of splash from the newly-reactivated Laser on 6275. Signal was blasting in after dark but also suffered a whistle due to qrm from a Chinese station on 6280 after 2100.

On 75m, Boomerang, Scotland and Mi Amigo heard in QSO on 3909 @ 2140 in Dutch. Scotland and Boomerang the strongest of the three stations.

West Coast Radio was coming in very well on 6298 @ 2145 with 50W, playing rock and pop. 44444 although went off suddenly.

Not so lucky was Intercity Radio who came on 6301. Heard @ 2150 but splash from WCR meant 32432 SINPO.

Finally, a UK station I've not heard for some time - Radio Skeleton was on 3900 @ 2245 with Oscar playing a varied selection of music and chatting about free radio. Bit of a rumble on the signal - could be some local qrm? 33433. He can be contacted at