Friday, May 26, 2006

Thursday May 25

Quite a bit of activity for a Thursday night.

First up was Radio Northpole heard closing down at 2000 after playing non-stop pop music (34333). Then a move down to 75 metres saw Orion Radio on 3927 but not the usual strength and quite noisy conditions (34333).

Later on at 2130 Radio Scotland Int was on 6266 playing rock music. Not a bad signal (43443) but RSI came back on 6300 at 2210 even stronger with 54444 (9+20dB).

Before that on 6300 @ 2140 was Radio Paradox from the UK playing soul music announcing address. Fair signal (34333).

Also on 6290 was probably Mazda but no announcement heard while Mystery Radio was on 6220 with the usual whistle.

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Orion Radio the Netherlands said...


thanks for posting the reception. On 76 meter I use some lower power. I could be it was to early for this freq.