Monday, July 07, 2008

Threat to shortwave listening in UK

This message came via sw pirates:

"A severe threat to your hobby of using shortwave is on its way to a house near you!

BT (British Telecom) are supplying their customers with devices called Home Plugs (power line adapters) that send TV/data around the house using the mains wiring of that house. To do this they use the frequency range of 3-30 Mhz. You would have thought it very basic to understand that unshielded wires will act as transmitting antennas for this frequency range. Well this is exactly what it does.

Myself and other radio fans are already finding terrible QRM at +30db in my case from a house over 100 feet from mine. Don't let apathy ruin your hobby. We are coming together on a new Yahoo group to organise petitions and other actions to try and save our hobby. Please feel free to join and add your valuable support.

I am Mike from the UK who has a very unhelpful neighbour with BT equipment giving me +30db of QRM from 3-30 Mhz. This could happen to you! All it takes is one of your neighbours to swap ISP and then you could be sitting there with 100's £ of radio doing nothing.

To this end I urge you to consider joining our group that is planning a fight back against this in the UK.

Unless we join forces we will lose our hobby.

And if you want to hear what the noise is like try this:

Regards and thanks for your time


uk dxer said...

If this is the case, it is alarming news for SW listeners in the UK.

But surely BT can't be allowed to jam the whole shortwave band - there are more users than just us... radio hams, military, aeronautical, maritime, etc.

Anonymous said...

Get an old vacuum cleaner, add some more dust on the brushes, "fire" uh, "spark" it strong, add coupling wire to your mains entrance so as strong electric noise go outdoor.. If noise strong enough, then that will lower data speed and disturb TV viewing! Well, hope so. If successful, yout neighbours will shift to some radio link on 2.45 GHz - Other way, try listening on batteries, no mains connection.

Anonymous said...

i suffer from loads of qrm caused by mains, digital tv,taxi base,internet.the people that cause it has no thought for any one.

Anonymous said...

What say's the DTI of this kind of inteference ?
its very sad thats this kind of stuff ruins your and other hobby , i hope that they dont sell this rubbish in the netherlands