Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MV Baltic Radio information for 2012

MV Baltic Radio will start broadcasts again in the 49mb via Media Broadcast (Germany) in April. The first transmission will be on the first Sunday of April, the power will be 100KW.

Radio Gloria International (Germany) will start transmissions via Media Broadcast on 25 March.

European Music Radio will transmit via Göhren, Germany (9480) and possible transmissions in the 49mb via Media Broadcast during 2012.

All stations via Göhren 9480 kHz:
The transmitter via Göhren ( 9480 ) is used for long distance broadcasts and transmissions on other frequencies. This service will continue as normal via the transmitter of MV Baltic Radio with the power of 1KW. More information will be added in the near future!

MV Baltic Radio and all stations via 9480 wish you good listening.  
73s Tom

(Tom Taylor, EMR)


drsajee v tt said...

i ama dixer please send me the

emailid of balticradio

uk dxer said...

email: info@mvbalticradio.de
web: www.mvbalticradio.de