Monday, February 22, 2016

DigiDx Report via Channel 292

First broadcast of DigiDX is Tuesday 23rd February at 1700 and repeated at 2000 and 2100, all on 6070Khz in the MFSK32 mode.

The first show includes shortwave and DX news from the last week, future shows will include reviews, features, schedule information and listener feedback.

Please send reception reports to . In our next show we will send a special QSL card over the air featuring the names of the people who have sent reception reports.

(DigiDX Facebook page via Alan Gale BDXC-UK Yahool group)

Alan also reports on the BDXC-UK Yahoo group that Channel 292 now appear to be back up at full power again, and their website is now showing the following banner, with an offer 'free' airtime in March, so get booking you budding  broadcasters!

Cambridge community station Pirate 105 are again shown as doing a 14 hour broadcast on Friday 25th of March 2016.

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