Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ofcom commissions research into pirate radio

Ofcom has commissioned research into pirate radio: There is an anonymous online questionnaire you can fill in.

"Dr Angus Nurse Director of Programmes in Criminology and Sociology at Middlesex University is working with his colleague Dr Robin Fletcher to examine the phenomenon of pirate radio in the 21st century...The aim of the research is to, so far as is possible, examine the extent to which pirate radio remains a contemporary social and regulatory problem. We are examining why ‘pirate’ radio persists despite the existence of legal alternatives to unlicensed broadcasting. The research, which was commissioned by the regulator Ofcom, also aims to assess both why people continue with ‘pirate’ broadcasting on FM radio, as well as the reasons why audiences continue to consume ‘pirate’ radio broadcasts...We would like to hear from as many listeners and members of the public as possible."

More here

(via Mike Barraclough, BDXC-UK Yahoo group)

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