Friday, August 05, 2016

Fri Aug 5

6070 1735 Radio Mi Amigo v Ch292. Broadcasting from the LV Lightship, Harwich. Punk classics. SINPO 45444.
6285 1700 Radio Focus Int. Sixities music, fair peaks. SINPO 24332.
6307 1710 Radio Goofy. Just traces of music, ID in Iann's chat.

(via Central England SDR)


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul and nice dog friend!
Tnx for such log of me again!!!!!!!!!

This time I had been using any old Bulgarian tx with any BG5 tube for 10watts.
Instead of 230 volts I gave 800 volts to such 21.27hrs CET here at home
( 40kms away from my tx QTH) I heard any kind of expolison and at the same time
my programme had been finishing..seems that was the end of such new transmitter
at my side.

Mr. Goofy.

Anonymous said...

Heard in Bristol this evening between 10pm and midnight local time: Radio Romania International on 7350 kHz were reporting on tourism, All India Radio were signing off the air in English on 9375 kHz and Channel 292 from Germany were playing oldies until they came off the air at 11pm local time. On the 48 metre band, there was happy hardcore playing on 6210 kHz, possibly Mike Radio from Amsterdam, Radio Technische-Mann on 6232 with barrel organ music, a barely readable signal on 6260 kHz playing "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes, Focus International on 6285 kHz with blues, and more trad Dutch music on 6306 kHz. Medium wave yielded a couple of pirates on 186 metres, but no positive IDs - music a mixture of continental and British rock.