Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sat Nov 22

3905 2000 Radio Alice. REO Speedwagon "Take in on the Run." Good signal. SINPO 44433.
6242 1033 Radio Columbia. Dutch songs, utility QRM. SINPO 23332.
6267 1004 Cosmic Radio. Pink Floyd, ID jingles. SINPO 24332.
6285 1622 Bogusman. Reading emails, songs by Flesh and Primal Scream. SINPO 54444.
6295 1037 Radio Powerliner. Polka, ID, asking in Dutch for QSO. SINPO 44433.
6380 1629 Radio Carrierwave. Ultravox "The Voice." SINPO 34333.
6925 1027 Little Feat Radio. ID, said short test, soul music. SINPO 34333.
9900L 1646 Baltic Sea Radio. "Jungle Rock," ID jingle by woman with seagulls in background. SINPO 34433.

(via Twente SDR)

HLR & R Gloria Relays

Saturday and Wednesday the programs of HLR:
07.00 to 09.00 UTC, on 7265 KHz
09.00 to 12.00 UTC, on 6190 KHz
12.00 to 16.00 UTC, on 7265 KHz

Every Sunday the programmes of HLR:
12.00 to 16.00 UTC program in German 0n 9485 kHz
E-mail:  Thank you!

RGI-Winterschedule 2014/15  every 4th Sunday of the month (23 Nov, 28 Dec, 25 Jan, 22 Feb, 22 Mar). RGI is proud to present one hour of good music:
7-8 UTC    (8-9) German time        9485
8-9             (9-10)                            7265
9-10          (10-11)                           9485
10-11        (11-12)                           7310
13-14        (14-15)                           6005
10-11 UTC    (11-12) 7310
13-14             (14-15) 6005
16-17             (17-18)
Good reception ! Reports welcome at:

Good Listening!
73s Tom

(via Tom Taylor)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fri Nov 21

6280 1649 Cosmic Radio. Oldies. SINPO 24332.
6290 1642 Radio Odynn. Killing Joke "Love Like Blood." SINPO 44433.
6305L 1740 Over 60 Degree Radio. Blues music. SINPO 34333.
6747 1655 Radio Pioneer. Polka. SINPO 34333.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thurs Nov 20

6380 1657 Little Feat Radio. Phil Collins "Sususudio," ID. SINPO 34333.
6747 1615 Radio Pioneer. Human League "Lebanon." SINPO 54444.
9912L 1603 Baltic Sea Radio. "Hippy Hippy Shake," ID jingle. SINPO 34333.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Chelmsford Calling via Hamburger Lokalradio on Nov 29

We are happy to advise that our programme will be relayed by HLR - Hamburger Lokalradio on Saturday 29th November 2014 at 14:00-15:00 UTC (15:00-16:00 CET), on 7265 kHz, & our second programme at the same time & same frequency on Saturday 20th December 2014. Our thanks to Hamburger Lokalradio,  & we are happy to be part of a radio team bringing life back to the international radio bands from Europe.    

HLR operates on FM in Hamburg, Germany on 96.0 MHz & on cable outlets, & also seeks to reach out internationally by organising a regular short wave schedule 3 days per week. Various official short wave frequencies are held & their transmitting station is in Goehren near the city of Schwerin (NE Germany) with a power of 1 kW, owned by MV Baltic Radio.
The 'Chelmsford Calling World Service' is a light entertainment programme produced by Jim Salmon - 'Sunny Jim' from the Chelmsford Calling Network - set up with the aim of promoting radio technology past, present & future. Our programme is to be broadcast monthly via various short wave relay stations around the world & is also available to listen to online. Our aim is to re-create the fun & friendship of a regular short wave programme.

We welcome listener feedback & suggestions. To get in touch, e-mail to   -  -  or contact us via facebook or twitter.


(The station was also relayed by Global Radio via WRMI at the weekend)

QSLs from Radio Panda and Radio Europe

Couples of QSLs received this weekend. One from low powered Dutch station Radio Panda and the other from new Italian station Radio Europe. Thanks very much.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sun Nov 16

6205 0954 Radio King Shortwave. ID jingles, oldies. SINPO 44433.
6215 0912 Radio Uferlos. David Bowie "China Girl," ID jingle. SINPO 54444.
6245 0908 Radio AC DC. "Didn't I See You Crying." SINPO 44433.
6255 1007 Radio Casanova. ID, greetings, oldies. SINPO 54444.
6255 1649 Radio Telstar South. Slade, some utility splash. SINPO 43443.
6285 1012 Bogusman. Talk about weather, Sadies "Another Day Again." SINPO 44433.
6287 1643 Abu Dhabi Radio. Dance, country, Dutch. SINPO 55444.
6290 1002 Radio Scotland Int. QSO with Ronalisa. SINPO 44433. On 6300 at 1018 (54444).
6295 1018 Radio Quadzilla. Oldies, splash from Scotland, now on 6300. SINPO 23332.
6300 0916 Radio Ronalisa. Dutch music. SINPO 34333.
6305 0922 Radio Merlin Int. Sparks "Beat the Clock," ID. SINPO 34333.
6306 1640 Radio Joey. Hot Chocolate "It Started With A Kiss." SINPO 44444.
6319 1805 Radio Caroline-Rainbow. Pop/dance, ID jingles. SINPO 34333.
6375 1635 Radio Goofy. Dance music, ID jingles. SINPO 34333.
6380 0905 Radio Carrierwave. "More You Love More You Live," said closing down. SINPO 34333.
6385 1630 Little Feat Radio. "Here It Comes Again," "Rat Trap," utility splash. SINPO 43433.
6396 0930 Weekend Music Radio. Little River Band, ID. SINPO 34333.
6850 1739 Radio Europe. Italian station. Earth Wind & Fire "Boogie Wonderland." SINPO 44333.
6950 0947 Enterprise Radio. "We Are the World, ID jingle. SINPO 34333.
9485 0940 European Music Radio. REM "Man on the Moon," talking about comet landing, Electronic "Getting Away With It."  SINPO 55444.
15880L Over 60 Degrees Radio. Blues music. SINPO 45444.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sat Nov 15

6215 1620 Radio Uferlos. Talk in German, inst music. SINPO 54444.
6265 1615 Studio 52. Greetings, "Bad Moon Rising," some SSB QRM. SINPO 43433.
6280 1630 Radio Merlin Int. Beach Boys "Californian Girls," Greets. SINPO 44433.
6285 1557 Long Live Radio. Tuning signal, ID. SINPO 34333.
6290 1545 Radio Caroline Int. Pop/dance, ID jingles. SINPO 44433.
6305 0905 Radio Merlin Int*. Reggae music, breaks in audio. SINPO 34333.
6306 1605 Tower Radio. Nena "99 Red Balloons," SINPO 54444.
6325 1554 NMD Radio. "Yesterday Girl," in Dutch, "Let the Light Shine On." SINPO 54444.
6380 0923 Little Feat Radio*. Pet Shop Boys "Domino Dancing." SINPO 44433.
6383 1551 Radio Baken 16. QSO, oldies. SINPO 54444.
6396 1646 Radio GSV. ID, song by female vocalist. SINPO 34333.
6405 1548 Radio Panda. "Summer of 69," SINPO 24332.
6747 1600 Radio Pioneer. Dutch songs. SINPO 54444.
6925 1625 Radio Mustang. "Touch Me Now," then 2 Unlimited. SINPO 55444.

(via Twente SDR, except *heard via SDR in central England)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Radio Caroline & Manx Radio collaborate for week of special programmes

Special programmes scheduled to start tomorrow according to the Radio Caroline website (and include overnight relays of Caroline on 1368 kHz next week, so get out the MW loop!):

2014 is the 50th Anniversary of both Radio Caroline and Manx Radio. To celebrate we are collaborating on a series of programmes to go out on both stations between Saturday 15th and Thursday 20th November.

Shortly after commencing broadcasts in March 1964 Radio Caroline sailed its biggest ship North – broadcasting as it went – and dropped anchor in Ramsey Bay off the Isle of Man in order to beam its powerful signal into Ireland, Scotland and the North of England.

Nobody ever expected it to happen … but 50 years on and Manx Radio has forgiven its cheeky competitor, and neighbour, and invited a unique partnership for one week, in order to look back "50 years on".

Saturday 15th November: 8.30-10.30 – Chris Williams' Carnaby Street programme part-recorded aboard our radio-ship Ross Revenge
Monday 17th – Thursday 20th November: 6.30-9pm – Radio Caroline broadcasting special programmes via Manx Radio (FM)
Monday 17th – Thursday 20th November: Midnight-6am – Overnight relay of Radio Caroline Programmes on Manx Radio (AM)
Simultaneous programmes on Manx Radio and Radio Caroline will include documentaries, archive recordings and specially re-created programming featuring 60’s music and nostalgia. Hear the star DJ’s of the period including Tom Lodge, Roger Gale, Mike Ahearn, and Gord Cruise. Even the "Royal Ruler" himself Tony Prince will return 50 years on with a special programme for Manx and Radio Caroline listeners! Full programme guide here:

Manx Radio have separate online players for their AM and FM services:

(Alan Pennington, BDXC-UK Yahoo group)