Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thu Nov 9

6220: Mystery Radio @ 1600 with pop and IDs. SINPO 44433.

6300: Cupid Radio. Can only just get trace of carrier @ 2130 - can't hear anything else!

6401: Weekend Music Radio (pres) @ 1030. Non-stop oldies using low-power transmitter (see comment on yesterday's posting). SINPO 34433. Still on at 1615.

(updated 9.40pm)


Anonymous said...

Hello in UK, back to the station on 6295,0 KHZ (Monday and all days): On this Frequency is all days the "Voice of Hope" with a BC of approximately 10 min. The Program in germ. Language come from AWR (Adventist World Radio) and the program is called "Alles Gute Live", translatet for example "Everything good live".

The BC startet at 15.58 UTC with engl. "voice of Hope" ann. Followed with ann as AWR and the the real Program ann "Alles Gute Live".

I certainly am not for myself whether this is the regular frequency! Possibly or probably a
Mirror Frequency or Overabundant wideness. I also think that the program is radiated in direction of Africa and is thought for German-language listeners of this continent. The Programs startet always with the words "Liebe Afrikafreunde..." ("Dear Africa Friends...")

Greetings from Dr.Tim

uk dxer said...

Thank's for that. It could be a new frequency as many international stations seem to be using 48 metres in the afternoon/early evening.