Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Weekend Music Radio jamming

Here is a message I received from WMR:

"WMR has been using the freq of 6400 for some years now, since the current solar cycle made the use of 41m pointless. However the last 2 weeks have seen the station jammed by presumably 2 separate sources.

Some retard has been recording WMR from SW and rebroadcasting the tapes at various times, and was deliberately jamming WMR last sunday. This is the first time we remember that the hoax WMR has been seen as malicious.The hoax WMR has been broadcasting to our knowledge, for at least 6 years!!! Does anyone have any clue as to the whereabouts of this jamming signal?? Who is behind such a long term pointless project?? Why?? Why WMR??

To make matters worse, WMR was jammed again this Sunday by some Dutch twit, or at least someone playing non stop Dutch music. Is this the same source, or a different transmitter?

This is one reason we prefer 41m, away from the crap and ignorant operators. When the new solar cycle begins properly, and 41 is working again, we will certainly move back up in freq.

Some dxer must be getting a ground wave from this signal."

ukdxer comment:
Jack is obviously very unhappy with this situation and who can blame him. I enjoy listening to WMR who puts in a good signal here so it is annoying when other stations use 6400 and make the frequency unlistenable. I'm sure his signal carries as far as the Netherlands so could operators please check before switching on (actually, that goes for any frequency as there is no point two stations trying to broadcast on top of each other).


Anonymous said...

Jamming against WMR

On Sunday 19 Nov., the interfering Station on 6401 kHz was identified as Radio RP, apparently a new Dutch station with a stronger signal than WMR in N and C Europe. (WMR got no reports on the Alfa Lima forum). Here (W.France), I got an annoying hum under WMR from 14 to 17 approx., then I began to hear the second station. At a time, I was hearing music and a preacher hammering about Jesus. Then, about 17.15, one station (which one?) played Dutch songs. Then the "dutch" station vanished only 10 mn before WMR.
** Quite strange, as all other Dutch stations were in the skip zone, they had all vanished for 1 hr or more **
Could it be a fake Dutch station with a transmitter somewhere in the British Isles ?

Something else: I'm amazed by the sound of the fake WMR (12 nov. and older times). I couldn't find any difference. If the fake WMR is made with radio recordings, then the receiving station should be ***quite close to the true WMR transmitter*** ! Or may be there is a leak somewhere in the studio or through Internet?


Anonymous said...

I have also heard this jamming on 6400, I live south of Glasgow and have tried to null out this interference with my Wellbrook loop aerial with no success. It looks as if the jamming scource is very close to the WMR transmitter but of possibly lower power.