Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wed Sept 5

3910: Celtic Music Radio @ 1900 with full ID followed by Scottish folk music. Good signal again tonight. SINPO 44433.

6275: Radio Likedeeler also putting in a good signal @ 1910 with a S-reading of 8-9. Clear ID by woman who spelt out station name, playing rock and pop. SINPO 34333.


Anonymous said...


Likedeeler was on 6219.6 before 19.00 UTC approx., with some interference from the powerful station on 6225.


uk dxer said...

6275 is a better frequency than 6220, unless you use a lot of power like Mystery Radio.

On Wednesday evening conditions favoured long skip on 48m. Likedeeler coming in well but I couldn't pick up Laser on 6421 and I think there was a station on 6310 but couldn't hear anything apart from a faint tone.

On 75m Celtic Music Radio very strong. At one stage S9+20dB here!