Monday, October 29, 2007

Mon Oct 29

6421: Laser Hot Hits playing pop music @ 1030. Fair strength but fluttery signal. SINPO 34433.


Anonymous said...

Signal fluttery? I quess they only have a optimod on 6275 on saturdays which modulation and signal is even better than most official stations.. but i am glad i can listen to them more often now depending on conditions..

uk dxer said...

Yes, 6421 is a bit hit and miss depending on propagation and utility QRM.

4025 comes through most evenings here.

6275 on Saturdays is also dependent on conditions.

Best signal is normally via Jolly Roger Radio on Sundays - which has been using 6255 recently, better than 6245 which has a lot of utility QRM. Last Sunday, very good here.

It is good I can hear LHH more regularly now.