Thursday, December 20, 2007

New pirate forum

American pirate operator Darklife (who is also a regular on the Alfa Lima forum) has set up a new pirate forum.

He says: "Check out our new pirate radio forums. We need members because the forums were just opened. They contain all kinds of subforums for pirate radio along with a general chit chat forum. So join in on the fun..."

The address is (via swpirates)

While on the subject of forums, while checking out the Alfa Lima forum this morning I was shocked at the amount of spam in the message boards, mainly the first one - Pirates Shortwave.

I know the moderators are busy people with lives to lead but could someone go in every day and just clear this rubbish off. Also don't click on these postings - it will just encourage the spammers to post more if they think people are looking at it.

Even better would be to find a solution to stopping it altogether.

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