Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Caroline back on Ross Revenge

Easter 2008 live from Ross Revenge

The entire weekend will be hosted by presenters from our second ship, Mi Amigo who all served on board between 1977 and 1980.

This special birthday broadcast starts at 6am on Good Friday and runs until midnight on Easter Monday. You'll be able to watch some of the action via on-board webcams.

There'll be some additional ways to listen this Easter too.

You'll be able to tune in via our friends at Radio Mi Amigo where a special stream will be dedicated entirely to Caroline. They will also be replacing some their regular programmes with ours. Just go to http://www.radiomiamigo.eu/

Caroline will also be available on 9290khz shortwave from Latvia between 1500-1800 on Easter Sunday afternoon.

Please do not attempt to visit Ross Revenge this Easter. We hope to move the ship to a more accessible location soon and look forward to seeing you then.


(via Mike Terry, anoraksuk)

Radio Caroline will also be on 945kHz tomorrow (Sun) from 2100UTC until Monday at 0400UTC. I believe that's via a transmitter in Latvia.


Anonymous said...

Caroline easter at 15 h, is that utc time? And why are they not 24 h a day on air, like Rainbow / laserhothits? Quess they ar not a pirate anymore..well, i try to listen if anyone knows the time..

uk dxer said...

I looked on their website and it says 1500-1800, but I guess it is UTC, which is the same as UK time - at least til we go over to summer time (last weekend in March, I think).

Caroline are very hi-tech now. You can listen via the internet, Sky Digital or Worldspace.

But at least they haven't completely forgotten shortwave, even if it is 100kw via Latvia!

I remember when there was a very low-powered relay of Caroline on 6285 a few years ago. I don't know where that was coming from and I think it was probably unofficial.

Anonymous said...

Caroline will only be on because they have been given free airtime. Peter moore has made it clear that he has no time for SW.