Friday, May 09, 2008

Barretina - the end?

Franja DX reports that the Spanish PTT has now closed down Radio Barretina with a photo of papers and sealed package on his blog.

Meanwhile on the Barretina blog, the station operator has announced his new project - free radio from Mauritania!

He has deleted the previous postings and renamed the blog "Radio Far Int - Catalonian shortwave station in Mauritania."

He says he has a friend in the west African country who tells him there is an abandoned boat with functioning shortwave equipment capable of delivering 2kW of power, with the antenna system intact.

He plans to return to the airwaves in January 2009. Read more about it on his blog.

Is this for real or is it another of Barretina's "jokes?"


Anonymous said...

Everyone who cares, put your hands up...........

Anonymous said...

I think we have more chance of hearing WMR again than this really being never know though.