Monday, June 23, 2008

Britain Radio Int v KBC

Britain Radio International (BRI) will be on the air via the Mighty KBC on Saturday 28th June 08 using 100kw on 6055khz from 21.30utc... repeated on 29th June from 02.00utc on 6110khz.

BRI is celebrating its 28th year on SW in style with 100kw!!

The programme will also be available via our webstream at

Our contact email address is britainradio @

We ask you kindly to pass on this info to any of your contacts in the radio world to inform them of this BRI special broadcast.

Thank you and we look forward to your company.
Roger Davis


Anonymous said...

so after 28 years as a pirate bri sells out its past just to have there programmes broadcast legally via 100kw


Anonymous said...

xwhy not, dont blame him its a great station why not show the rest of the world what they are missing.thepostieles

Anonymous said...

So the poster at the top, thinks BRI is 'selling out' do they?? What an idiot! Before posting such comments, how about asking the station for the facts, etc?!! Considering you know the station, you must also know how to contact them...

If they think BRI has 'sold out' after 28 years, I hate to think what they make of Caroline 'selling out' full-time after 30+ years...!?!