Thursday, September 04, 2008

Merlin's summer party

Just to let you know our party was a great are a few pics taken on a mobile. The FM tx was on from 15.00hrs, and the SW came on at 17.30 had reports back from france, europe, etc but just on 15 watts .

It looks like the raid on merlin was done by a local FM pirate who we had trouble before with under a different name .

On Saturday we had 7 DJs, 2 rappers, MCs, 1.000 pa system, plus lasers, fire eaters, over 150 people turned up.
The party didnt end until 4.30, there was no trouble and everyone had a good time.
The SW tx was shut off about 11.00pm .

Hope you like the pictures
paul watt

Merlin has put more pictures and video on Facebook under RMI Shortwave, although you have to join to view them. Also plans to put some older pics of the station on Facebook as well.


Anonymous said...

loads of pictures have been uploaded inculding anglia tv at radio merlin studio back in 1991 1992. CHEERS PAUL

Anonymous said...

try this link for more photos of radio merlin 1991 2008