Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas is coming

Two stations have announced special programmes over the festive season:

First up is Radio Mistletoe with a seasonal greeting from Kris Kringle:

"Ho Ho Ho!!! It's almost time for Radio Mistletoe!!

We should be on the air once again over the Christmas season broadcasting from the North Pole. So be sure to listen for us!! We'd really like to personalise the show this year. If you wish, you can send us a greeting or dedication and we'll be glad to include it in the program!!!

Our e-mail address is now open. Write to us at radiomistletoe @

Make sure you get your greeting, dedication, or request in early. Help us make this year's programme a special one!!" (via

Also planning to take the airwaves is FRS Holland:

"On December 28th, FRS-Holland will continue a long time tradition. And that means we invite you - the listener to participate. Forward your very own personal New Year Greetings to the Free Radio Service Holland and we will make sure it will be read out during our broadcast.

You can dedicate your greetings to friends etc. but you can also make a 'general' NY Greeting. It can be written or (preferably!) taped (cassette, CD, MD or MP3 file) and send to our P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten in the Netherlands.

Of course the easy & quick way is by sending an e-mail to frs.holland @ or frs @

You can add something special to our December 28th broadcast by participating. So….don't hesitate and take part in the FRS Party that day. It'll be great fun. Make sure your contribution reaches us before December 5th. We are looking forward hearing from you !!! Tune on the'll be great fun !!"

On December 28th FRSH plans to be on 6220 for at least 4 hours from 0800-1200UTC. In addition they hope to be on a different frequency as well, probably in the afternoon. FRSH also adds there is a Christmas Day surprise as the station co-operates with two other long-serving shortwave stations. It promises more details soon.

(station direct)


keshacoggins said...

Thank you also to all of my clients for your patience and understanding with the recent delay in getting galleries online. School holidays were not fun for us with the entire household getting sick, thankfully though now we are healthy and well again and I am almost all up to date again.

Eric van Willegen said...



Dutch Rocker Eric van Willegen has hired a former Soviet propaganda radio transmitter to blast 1960s rock’n’roll all over Europe this Christmas.


Does your Dad still treasure his Rolling Stones LP records from 1966? Did your Uncle pay too much attention to the divorce matters of Paul McCartney? That’s because they belong to the Baby-Boomers, the generation born after World War II who rocked through the 1960s in flared trousers and miniskirts to the sound of The Beatles, Kinks, The Who and Rod Stewart.

Essential kit in those times was the personal transistor radio, every bit as iconic as the mobile phone today. The “tranny” would be carried everywhere, tuned to one of the illicit stations broadcasting from ships anchored off the coast. Mention “Radio Caroline,” your mother will know.

For those long-haired hippies now forty years on, there’s a special treat this Christmas. Santa is bringing on back the good-times, and all they need in every stocking is a Worldband Radio.

Old Dutch rocker Eric van Willegen has hired a former Soviet propaganda transmitter in Lithuania with a power of 100 kilowatts, that’s enough to be heard all over Europe and even in The States and Australia!
“Let the kids listen to their I-Pods” Eric insists, “We’re running a real radiostation playing real 60s Rock’n’Roll for those of us used to twiddling with the knobs, and if there’s a bit of hiss and whistle included, well that’s all part of the experience!”

THE MIGHTY KBC RADIO will be heard on Christmas and Boxing Day from 10.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. on 9770 kHz shortwaves, and later in the evening from 9.30 to 10.30 p.m. on 6055 kHz with tapes of the legendary Wolfman Jack Show. The full details are on

So now you know what to get the old man for Christmas!

All times British Time i.e. UTC

CONTACT: Eric van Willegen, Argonstraat 6, 6718 EDE, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 318 552 491 FAX: +31 318 437 801

The Wolfman Jack Show can be heard again this Christmas.