Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sat Feb 21

3932: Bogusman coming in well today, signal peaking at S9+10dB. Heard @ 1655 playing rock and talking about the plane landing on the Hudson River. SINPO 54444.

6210: Radio Suzuki heard @ 1030 playing oldies. Fair signal. SINPO 34333.

6215: Radio King Shortwave (tent) heard @ 0905 playing oldies. Weak signal with fair peaks. SINPO 24332.

6220: Mystery Radio playing pop @ 2300. Good steady signal. SINPO 44444.

6240: Misti Radio playing rock music and polka, IDs. Heard @ 0850 with SINPO 34333.

6241: Radio Doctor Tim with a late night test @ 2320 with 20W, playing dance music. Fair signal here. SINPO 34333.

6310: Grensstad Radio heard @ 1020 playing the Flying Pickets, followed by IDs, he said he hoped reception is good - certainly good here. SINPO 44433.

6380: Radio Altrex with the song "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" @ 0855, some utility QRM. SINPO 33333.

6400: Radio Doctor Tim greeting listeners and playing polka @ 0910. SINPO 34333.

6425: Studio 52 playing the song "Knock on Wood" @ 1010, some utilty QRM. SINPO 33433.

6880: Radio Playback Int with the song "Angie Baby" @ 0840. SINPO 34333.


Anonymous said...

Does the much-vaunted Bogusman ever reply to emails?


uk dxer said...

He has been known to reply.

But I think someone else prints off the emails for him to read out so you would need to include your postal address to get a response.

I don't know whether PO Box 53, Bilston is still operating.

Anonymous said...

Thanks uk dxer.

Bogus is an enigma wrapped in a riddle but nevertheless, essential listening.

Wherefore art thou other British stations?

BOGUSMAN said...

Hi all, Mr Bogusman here. i only have use of a computer once every 2 weeks and yes,someone does print off the emails for me. look out for a mailbag program in 2-3 weeks and to all who do leave their contact details/postal address's i can assure you i will respond by post. as for the po box 53 bilston address, there is 5 yrs of outstanding payment due so better not send anything there as all mail has a very strong chance of being returned to you. is the current email address in operation.

Anonymous said...

Bogus is alive - long - live the Bogus