Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pirates use the internet

RAIN (Radio And Internet Newsletter)
June 9, 2009

Pirate radio broadcasters are using the Internet to remotely access their transmitters, making it harder for authorities to find them. In the past, broadcast pirates would send their content to transmitters through radio or microwave links. Authorities, like UK airwave watchdog Ofcom, then developed tools to detect such remote links. Now, online audio streams "can also be used to get the signal via modem to a remote transmitter, " explains Paul Marks of New Scientist. This makes it much more difficult for the authorities to track where pirate broadcasters actually are, though Ofcom is developing tools to do so. Interestingly, their "dream is that pirates will migrate to the net and eventually ditch FM."

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Anonymous said...

the internet has been used to send short wave broadcasts...

Anonymous said...

Ofcom are dreaming if they think the pirates will vacate the FM band here in London.

There are currently 61 pirates on the air here in London as I write this and many of them operate 24/7.