Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pirate station raided

TWO teenagers have been arrested after police raided a pirate radio station in east London where drugs were found.

The youths aged 16 and 18 were collared for illegally broadcasting from premises at Leywick Street in West Ham.

Officials from Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator, went in with the neighbourhood police team after detecting broadcasts being relayed through an illegal transmitter located in Stephens Parade, nearby.

The signal interfered with legal radio stations and could be picked up as far as Croydon in south London. The equipment worth £45,000 was seized by Ofcom.

The teenagers were held for broadcasting offences under the Wireless & Telecommunications Act, but later bailed pending further inquiries.

Class B drugs were discovered on the premise during the search carried out with a court warrant, Scotland Yard confirmed today. A 25-year-old woman was cautioned for possession.
(via East London Advertiser)

Other reports said the station was called Heat FM which broadcast on 96.6FM

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