Thursday, February 04, 2010

Most popular pirates in London

London Pirates Survey 2009 - Survey Results

Over 600 people completed the London Pirates survey for 2009 and we are pleased to finally announce the results.

Please click here to see the results.

It's clearly been a great year for several of London's stations with stations like Flex making a massive comeback and Ice Cold making significant improvements.

Our previous winner back in 2007 was Point Blank by a fairly significant margin and it's good to see that they are still going very strongly this year. Despite having dropped down a little it seems that some other stations are now upping their game to compete by delivering new levels of sound quality and professionalism.

The longevity and perseverance of Kool FM also shows that they are still clearly big in the game when it comes to attracting listeners! Combining points from all categories gives us this year's overall winner Flex, second place goes to Ice Cold and third place goes to Point Blank


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