Thursday, June 03, 2010

Londonderry radio pirates

A newspaper has carried a story about pirate radio operators based in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, hijacking the airwaves. The Derry Journal carries an interview with Peter Clutton MW3GWP the owner of the yachydda website. The paper reports that amateur radio enthusiasts across the UK have been tracking the activities of the Londonderry pirates - identified as being based in the Altnagelvin and Strathfoyle areas of the city - on dedicated 'ham' radio websites over recent weeks.
A spokesperson for the communications watchdog Ofcom is quoted as saying there is no evidence at present to suggest they are causing "deliberate or unintended interference to Civil Aviation Authorities frequencies". The interference being complained about appears to have been on 3.697 MHz in the 80m band.
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Report on 80m net being disrupted

(via Southgate Amateur Radio Club)

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