Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Popular recordings

Since 2007 I have been downloading audio clips to my page on the esnips website. Recently I've been downloading some recordings from last year. But here are the five most popular recordings as listened to by you:

1. Radio Odyssey, Greece (July 2007) 1,703 listens
2. Red Sands Radio (RSL) (July 2007) 683 listens
3. Radio Doctor Tim (Sept 2007) 672 listens
4. Radio Rainbow (Sept 2007) 638 listens
5. Radio Atlantis (July 2007) 603 listens

Radio Odyssey is way out in front. Not far behind the other four are: Radio Heineken (596), Radio Zodiac (584) and Radio Casablanca (583).

To listen to these and any others click here 
There is also link on this page.

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