Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Merseywaves: Liverpool's very own pirate radio pioneers

By Martin Higgins:

What is more DIY and rebellious than pirate radio? Nothing. Well maybe a full scale military revolution, with live ammunition, CS gas and the like, but still, it’s up there.

Liverpool has a great history of underground radio, the most significant being Merseywaves which was live and unplugged from 1984-91 with Bert Williams at the helm.

The broadcast started after Williams’ parent radio station disagreed with his unorthodox musical choices and after ‘discussions’ had him quietly removed.

Williams took it upon himself to erect a new portable transmitter in the face of his former bosses and stick it to them like David did Goliath.

(Read full article at: http://www.purplerevolver.com/bulletin/the-method/121168-merseywaves-liverpools-very-own-pirate-radio-pioneers.html )

Comment at end of article says Bert now runs Merseyland Alternative Radio, recently heard on shortwave, via Central Radio.

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