Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ofcom airs anti-pirate station

Broadcast regulator Ofcom has launched a radio station of its own, to remind would-be DJs that it's against the law to broadcast on FM without a licence.

The station, on air in London on 87.7 FM has been broadcasting recorded messages since it began transmission this week.

The service encourages people to report pirate stations or interference on regular stations because of pirates by filling out an online form on the Ofcom website.

An Ofcom spokesman told that the service has three main aims. "Firstly, it is to advertise the availability of 87.7 MHz for temporary radio services," he said. "Secondly, it is to explain about Ofcom
and our key responsibilities. And finally, it is to raise awareness about illegal broadcasters and the problems that they cause."

(via Mike Terry, radioanoraksuk)

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Anonymous said...

Who approved that transmission on an rsl frequency? What a waste of tax payers money. Someone should take their rig away, so they know what it feels like!