Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wed Apr 13

4026: Laser Hot Hits. Michael Jackson "The Man" @ 1810, then Jackson Browne song. Fair signal. SINPO 34333.


Anonymous said...

has any one noticed the strong, qrm on 6.220.? looks like its from above 6.222.

uk dxer said...

I've noticed that - Laser is off 6220 at moment. I don't know if it is technical problems or they are looking for clearer frequency.

RTE which used to be on 6225 from 1930-2030 has now gone to 5840.

Maybe Laser should try 52 metres

Anonymous said...

there are not many good channels to use 24 hours on 48. all been used by legal stations.6.325 , might be worth a try.? or like you say a move to 52 meters.