Wednesday, June 22, 2011

News from Britain Radio Int

I have had an email from Roger Davis of Britain Radio International. The station, which first started broadcasting  31 years ago, hasn't been on the air for some time but Roger hopes to return at some stage.

He writes: "I am pleased to say that BRI has not closed down for good, at some stage I will hopefully make some sort of comeback to the SW airwaves, one of the reasons we found it difficult to maintain our regular 2nd/4th Sundays was the loss of JRR relay, Laser Hot Hits kindly stepped in to offer assistance for which we were very grateful and the offer still stands for BRI to be relayed via their TXs, but although I have every intention to bring the station back in some shape or form its unlikely to happen in the immediate future."

He says any return will be announced on the BRI website which has been updated.

He concludes: "Send my best wishes to all the loyal listeners who have supported BRI over the past 31 years... BRI will return in the not too distant future."

The website address is:


Anonymous said...

has jolly roger radio closed down.?

uk dxer said...

Long time ago