Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Wizard's medium wave pirate review

Wizard Radio writes on the AM Forum: "The very latest MW Pirate Review is now available to download. This is the third instalment of the mp3 download and contains lots more recordings of Dutch pirate stations made here in England.

There are around 50 different stations on this latest review, many of them different from the pirates heard on the first two reviews. There are stations with just a few watts of power and stations with several kilowatts, from all parts of the Netherlands.

Please click here http://download1488.mediafire.com/cnm1cuotiogg/2t6zj9cjov0vx35/MW+Pirate+Review+3.mp3 to download the October review, which contains recordings made during September.

For anybody who missed the first reviews, you can dowload August's instalment here http://download846.mediafire.com/uye5ovvhq6eg/k0z611yv9ryed8r/MW+Pirate+Review+1.mp3 and September here http://download940.mediafire.com/7ojwd5ssod2g/54i3exvewlpe3e0/MW+Pirate+Review+2.mp3.

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