Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wizard's November pirate review

Wizard Radio writes: "Well, it's time for a brand new MW Pirate Review. If you click here you can download our November edition, containing around 60 recordings of Dutch pirate stations made here in England during the month of October.

The recordings have been made using our Lowe HF225 receiver and outdoor magnetic loop antenna. Most recordings were made during the evening, although some were made during late afternoon, and now the winter is on the way, we will be able to hear stations much earlier, so in our next review we expect to have lots of recordings made from around 1400 UTC.

Many thanks for taking the time to listen to the review, which we hope you enjoy. Please leave your comments here on the AM Forum in Dutch or English - we would love to hear what you have to say about this mp3 download.

The review is produced every month, and the next one will be available to download at the beginning of December.

If you would like to download previous editions, you can do that here:


Once again, many thanks for your interest. Happy listening!

(via AM Forum)

I'd like to say well done to Wizard Radio for his excellent reviews, which must take a lot of hard work.

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