Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rage FM raided

Rage FM, an FM pirate broadcasting from Taunton, Somerset (in the west of England), was taken off the air on Wednesday after a raid by Ofcom.

A statement on their Facebook page said: "Rage Taunton has been killed off as a result of an ofcom raid on our Taunton Transmitter apparatus. We are pleased to confirm nobody from Rage was onsite at the time. We shall NOT be defeated by this fairly minor mishap or any of the killjoy straight edge bores!!!!! Thanks to everyone who've supported this positive project in Taunton area over the past year, thank you very much indeed!
we'll be soon as possible ;)."

The station has been on the air just over a year broadcasting what it calls "an alternative to mainstream media."

The Bristol Radio Recordings blog reported yesterday that Rage was back testing on 100.6 and 104.5.

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Strelnikov said...

Screw Ofcom.