Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pirates plunder the high Cs

Unlicensed radio stations are spreading in Australia and the media regulator is not happy, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Its article begins:

"Andrew Drysdale is no average pirate. As an information technology specialist, he used his talents to hijack the radio waves, setting up an unlicensed, fully operational radio station out of his Chatswood home.
"Back in the 1990s, I listened to a station called New Wave FM, which played dance music and got live DJs to play on air. I wanted to create something like that, so I set up ABD Radio," Mr Drysdale said. "It really was a lot of fun until I was shut down in December."

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Anonymous said...

Australia also has one current SW pirate the 'Voice of Next Thursday' , they have a Facebook and blogsite.

uk dxer said...

There's also an Australian pirate radio Facebook group