Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dozens of pirate radio raids

Dozens of raids against pirate radio broadcasters have been mounted in Islington and Hackney [London] this year but they have not stopped one frustrated listener from hearing pumping bass when he tries to tune into a classical station (photo).

Squads from government watchdog The Office of Communications (Ofcom), known as spectrum enforcement teams, have swooped on illegal stations 49 times since January.

Many are repeat offenders that have faced action time and again, including one known as Passion FM that has been targeted four times when transmitting from sites in the EC1 and N1 postcodes.
Ofcom said there were 40 raids in Islington, against 12 different stations, and nine operations in Hackney.

The figures were obtained by the Gazette following the trials of a reader who struggled to tune in to classical station BBC Radio Three.

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(Islington Gazette, London, via Mike Terry, BDXC-UK)

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