Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wed Feb 6

1630 2015  Radio Schaduwjager. "Queen of Hearts" ID, then "Big in Japan." Strong via Twente SDR receiver. SINPO 55444.

1638 2005 Radio Calypso. Dutch songs, ID, greetings in Dutch and English. Splash when Schaduwjager came on. SINPO 54444 via Twente.

1646 2025 Radio Soerabaya. Polka, IDs in Dutch and English, greetings to Paradiso and listeners. Fair reception via Twente. SINPO 34333.

4026 1950 Laser Hot Hits. Gary Drew programme. EastEnders novelty rap record. Good signal via Twente SDR receiver. SINPO 44433.

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Anonymous said...

Radio Calypso heard in Bristol tonight (Wednesday 6th) on 1638 kHz with a smashing signal on an old portable radio just relying on its internal antenna. Mixed bag of music tonight, including "Japanese Boy" by Aneka, which is played most evenings.