Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Dutch pirate Radio Osaka 'forced' to close down

Hello All Free Radio Friends!

I had also the honour, personally being handed over the letter from Dutch Telecom Agency, presented to me on Thursday, 2013.08.01 13:42.

Two "officials" a man and woman came at my door. The question came to me directly... did I disturbed? No that wasn't the case, but they got a call from "someone," who told them, I was on-air almost every day,  so no problems by neighbours etc. I just was above ground level.

The Telecom-woman, was in training, so...The Telecom Agency people were very gentle. I could stay on-air till 15 hrs - probably to prevent escalation.

I 've been on-air in a few years time, where others do maybe this in 10 or more years time! I 've enjoyed the time being! There wasn't any confiscation of equipment etc. So before the story goes "wild" this is what happened. Quick and neat.

So keep a low profile for some time.. you have been warned! I wish you all a nice week end! Be calm and keep on "fighting" for free radio!

All the Best Greets
Radio Osaka - Netherlands

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