Thursday, September 05, 2013

Happy Birthday Barones

This week the high-powered Dutch medium wave pirate Radio Barones celebrates 40 years of broadcasting.

To mark the occasion, Wizard on his MW Free Radio blog is "celebrating a pirate legend" all this week with recordings from Barones.

 It has been said that Barones is the longest-running land-based pirate still on the air.

To hear recordings and read some of Wizard's memories of listening to Barones go to:

Congratulations to Barones for 40 years of broadcasting!

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Anonymous said...

Radio Barones has been a regular on my radio for many years, putting in a great signal even here in the West of England, and lovely clear modulation. The bilingual Dutch-Enlgish presentation and mix of musical styles also makes it a very listenable station.

Barones certainly has a claim to be amongst the oldest pirates in Europe. I am not certain, but I understand that the British shortwave station Laser Hot Hits began life as Radio Gemini in 1972, so they may just pip them to the post. However, LHH's history is not continuous. There's also Radio Free London which makes occasional broadcasts on various bands, but the station today is not connected with the original set up from 1968.

And of course, Caroline, Veronica NL and Radio Jackie are still on the air today, but are legal operations.

Anyway, life begins at 40, so they say, so I hope for many more years of hearing "The Baro" !