Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ultra-rare Radio Britannia heard in London

There are not many medium wave pirates operating in the UK, but one that's been going for many years is Radio Britannia from South Yorkshire, in the north of England. Now the station has been logged in London, 175 miles away, on its frequency of 1476 kHz.

It was heard on a Perseus SDR and flag antenna by the DXing et all blog. To hear a clip go to:

(Source: Mike Barraclough, We Love the Pirate Stations Facebook group)

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, that is a great blast from the past. I remember Radio Britannia being on the air nearly thirty years ago. Great to know that he's still going.

I don't know why we do not have more medium wave pirates in this country. As larger AM stations shut down and the authorities fuss about with DAB, then medium wave is opening out across Europe for unlicensed use. And in some countries, the state has more or less dropped its regulation of AM altogether. (I know it's not always accurate, but the Wikipedia entry on Greek Broadcasting says that with the migration of all domestic stations to FM and digital, AM pirates are totally left alone).