Saturday, April 12, 2014

Radio Spaceshuttle taking part in Pirate Contest!

We shall have few transmissions during weekend of 11-13th April 2014. Most sure are transmissions during Friday evening - following nights. All transmissions will be aired on our 76 mb frequencies - 3905 kHz ( or 3900, 3927 kHz)

We moved time of taking our antennas down because of Pirate Contest organized by Norrköpings distanslyssnare starting 11th April. So listeners will have a little change to hear last programes from Radio Spaceshuttle! We promise to have some special content in our last tarnsmissions! I wish you will like'em. Each transmissions will last 0,5-1 hour.   First tests perhaps around 18 UTC (=21 in Eastern Europe, 20 Central Europe, 19 in UK).  And after that irregular times during the night

And Special Pirate Contest/ Last Radio Spaceshuttle transmission QSL have been designed and is available for everyone sending correct reception reports from our tx.

Please send your reports to,
Radio Spaceshuttle International 
P.O.Box 2702 
The Netherlands 

Best listening,

Dick and horny spacegirls army ;)

Pirate contest:

Spaceshuttle being heard with SINPO 55445 in Finland yesterday evening:

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