Friday, October 10, 2014

Magic confusion

Long-running Dutch shortwave pirate Magic AM has been getting emails for a new shortwave station, also calling itself Magic - which is thought to be from the UK. He has warned people he will not be sending them on!

The Dutch Magic AM has gone onto Twitter to say: "We are getting a lot of e-mails and snailmail for a station calling himself MAGIC int. in our mailbox and P.O.Box lately. Please note that these e-mails and snailmail will not be forwarded. We are MAGIC AM, active on shortwave since 1996, and we do not know the people behind the other station,using our name & running non-stop music on SW.We have been on air since 1996 & will stay MAGIC AM forever."

The new Magic Radio has a website at and email address

Source: @magicfreeradio on Twitter


Anonymous said...

I guess names will get reused - by both legal and unlicensed stations. I am thinking of how many Sunshine Radios there have been, or how many Radio Rainbows. Or even unofficial uses of Caroline!! I do not think that there needs to be any enmity between stations over the use of "Magic". For a long time, Radio Telstar Nederlands has been on the air alongside Radio Telstar South from the UK. People have gotten use to the similar names and there is no mix up.

Anonymous said...

This behaviour of the so called DXers clearly shows, that they have no idea of what they are listening. Just a quick check, then after short listening a quick report is sent to get the QSL. Most of them listening via the Twente SDR anyway. Wow, what a success! Operator can check their signals on that SDR on their own! I guess Magic AM gets fist complaints within the next days because he does not reply :-)....but there is hope: Last weekend a lot of stations, mainly from the UK, provided a good programme and not only non stop music. But I think listeners are not used to listen (and not able to listen) to programmes anymore. Anyway: Let the struggle continue....regards from a German Badmouth!