Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Radio Mi Amigo to start daily shortwave broadcasts

Radio Mi Amigo International will be on shortwave EVERY DAY from 1st of June

The exact times are (all times CET) :
Monday to Friday:
7.05pm to 8pm on 6005 khz [1705-1800 UTC]

8am to 2pm on 6005 khz [0600-1200 UTC]
10am to 2pm on 9560 khz [0800-1200 UTC]

8am to 12pm [0600-1200] on 6005 khz
10am to 12pm [0800-1000 UTC] on 9560 khz
12pm to 4pm [1000-1400 UTC] on 7310 khz
12pm to 2pm [1000-1200 UTC]  9560 khz

Medium wave
From June you can also listen to Radio Mi Amigo programmes on 1485 khz from Riga, Latvia which also serves parts of Scandinavia and parts of north east Germany.

10pm to midnight [2000-2200 UTC] on 1485 khz

5pm to 6pm [1500-1600 UTC] and 8pm to midnight [1800-2200 UTC] on 1485 khz

You prefer clear stereo-sound ? No problem, just go to our webpage, and click on the media players for each frequency. Just click on the play-button, there you find also the complete program-schedule
for shortwave and mediumwave.

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