Thursday, January 28, 2016

Italian Broadcasting Corporation on air this Friday

Dear listeners, we will broadcast again on Friday 29 January on the frequency of 6970 kHz from 12.00 UTC, and then probably on 3905 kHz.

Please spread the news and report to .
Thank you from the Italian Broadcasting Corporation crew!


Frankie said...

Got it in central germany, 50 Kms South of Hannover, with Panasonic RF-B65, telescopic antenna, at the window, SINPO 35343, no QRM, listened for over half an hour, on 6970, right from the beginning. Nice work and one of the few genuine Italian pirates :) thanks for posting the announcement here, I´d probably not have looked around 6.9 Mhz.

uk dxer said...

Good catch. Also try for QBC from Hungary which uses 6985 kHz weekend afternoons