Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Some changes to Channel 292's schedule

British DX Club member Alan Gales writes:

Some recent changes noted on the Channel 292 schedule:

1700 UTC on Thursday 28th - 'Radio Back in Time' (new!).

1300 UTC on Saturday 30th - 'Groovelines' (monthly).

1700 UTC on Saturday 28th - 'Free Radio Skybird'.

1900 UTC on Thursday 5th & 11th of May - 'Just Right' (new).

Note: these are just in addition to the regular weekly programmes, such as 'From the Isle of Music' and 'DigiDX', and a full list of the current schedules for all the channels' programmes can be found at:

Some stations have vanished from the schedule, amongst them are 'Authentic Rock Radio', and the 'Christian Media Network', which had been running on some weekday afternoons. Radio Northern Ireland now only seems to be available on WRMI, though it does seem to be well received in more distant places on 15770 and 9955 kHz now.

RNI station operator Jordan Heyburn was recently featured on the programme 'World Report' on CBC Radio in St John's, Newfoundland, after he listened to CKZN shortwave 6160 kHz (which is situated in St John's, and which relays the medium wave signal from CBC NL's Happy Valley Goose Bay station). A recording of their interview with Jordan, which starts at around 17 minutes, can
be heard on Sound cloud at:

The Shortwave Service have now added a repeat of the 'Radio Canada International' broadcast, which appears on Saturdays at 1400 on 7310 kHz, and the repeat can now be heard on Sundays at 1400 UTC on 6005 kHz as well (listeners who can't receive their signal can still listen to the live streams via the Shortwave Service website).

(Alan Gale via BDXC-UK Yahoo group)

(I've just noticed the Channel 292 website seems to be offline at the moment - hopefully that's only temporary)

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