Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sun Apr 23

*4029 1800 Laser Hot Hits. "License to Kill," SINPO 34333.
5820 1127 Radio 319. Bonnie Tyler "Lost in France." SINPO 24332.
5890 1144 Radio Batavia. "I Won't Let You Down," greetings. SINPO 34333.
6220 1107 Laser Hot Hits. Eurythmics "Right by Your Side," strong peaks. SINPO 44433.
6230 1057 Radio Nova Int. "I'm Gonna Love You For Ever," jingle ID in EG/GM. SINPO 44433.
*6260 1755 Radio Montferland. Pan pipes music, ID, greetings. SINPO 54444.
*6285 1730 Radio Abu Dhabi (pres). Country music. SINPO 55444.
6300 1049 Radio Merlin Int. "La Bamba," SINPO 34333.
*6305 1806 Radio Merlin Int. David Lee show. Yes "Owner of a Lonely Heart," SINPO 34333.

(via Barneys web SDR, SE England/ *via Kiwi SDR, SW England)


Anonymous said...

Heard in Bristol today:

Channel 292 on 6070 kHz. Particularly strong in the early evening. Tape of Radio Northsea International, then between 9 and 10pm (British Summer Time) a conspiracy programme on UFOs from America. Off at 10.02pm.

Radio Mi Amigo (weak) on 6085 kHz.

Laser Hot Hits on 6220 kHz. Nice signal. Off at 9.55pm BST.

UNID. on 6230 kHz, with long segments of music - possibly Radio Nova. Announcements in several European languages, possibly generated by computer.

Radio Underground on 6282 kHz at around 8.40pm. Mix of alternative and rarely heard music including "SummerTime" from the musical Porgy and Bess.

Reflections Europe, the religious "superpirate" on 6295 kHz. Heard a Politico-religious show advancing the case of Israel. Station off at 9.45pm.

UNID on 6305 kHz, music heard around 9.40pm, no announcements, cut off at around 9.55pm.

UNID on 6400 kHz, Eurobeat and happy hardcore dance music heard, without announcement. Weak in Bristol.

And on AM, Radio Seagull on 1602 kHz - progressive rock music, experiencing some breakthrough from Desi Radio ILR in London. Dutch landbased station also on 1655 kHz with local idents - sounded like Radio Barones to me.

uk dxer said...

Thanks for your report - I'm sure 6230 was Nova. I heard a clear ID from the station earlier in the day with email address for reports.