Friday, August 18, 2017

Dutch shortwave station raided

Reports of problems of radio, TV and broadband interference in Limburg led to an investigation by Agentschap Telecom. They said some people complained of not being able to use their phones, internet or TVs daily because of interference.

AT say it was because of illegal broadcasts in the 6MHz band. They also say they have had complaints from a foreign government about 6MHz interference.

After an investigation AT traced the signal to a house which they believe was causing the interference and seized the equipment.

The report doesn't say what the name of station raided was.

This was based on a Google translation from the original report in Dutch.

To read the original go to:

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Anonymous said...

AT report published on Aug. 14th, but no date for the raid, no frequency.

I guess *the* irate neighbour uses PLC for all : Internet, TV and phone, and that's the PLC that was disturbed.

So... retaliation ! Send HF noise on the mains, not on the air ! HF on the mains is tolerated, is not it ?

Ray Lalleu