Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bogusman goes live

Hear the Bogusman live and liberated from the limitations of recording!

From now until some time well into 2018, Bogus will turn back time to the olden days, when he & the Ghoul would entertain, amuse and bemuse from a humble studio 'somewhere in England'.

There's nothing like broadcasting live, or hearing live radio!  Don't miss this rare opportunity!
Make 6450kHz part of your regular Free Radio scan.

Keep checking Bogusman's usual haunts, too!

Hopefully conditions will be better than last Sunday when he was on but I could hear nothing on the South West England SDR.


Anonymous said...

Try the Central England SDR

uk dxer said...

Thanks, or if the skip is long, the Twente SDR

Anonymous said...

How about a weekend in December (or whenever) when all currently active UK stations and those mothballed broadcast on 3/5/6 Mhz? Perhaps this could also tempt a few out of retirement and prompt a new generation of UK stations?

uk dxer said...

That's a good idea.

Recently I've been making some updates to my Pirate Memories blog ( and what struck me was just many UK shortwave pirates there were in the 1980s! Also many Irish stations as well.

Now there's a handful of UK stations and even fewer Irish stations. So maybe a few Irish stations should come out of retirement as well!