Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Shortwave pirates of the 1980s remembered

Some of you will have seen my Pirate Memories blog featuring audio clips and QSLs from many of
the shortwave pirates from the 1980s.

I have given it a bit of a revamp with a new template and also now embedded the audio clips into each post making it easier to click on and listen to the recordings.

Going through it, what struck me is just how many British and Irish shortwave stations there were in the 1980s, with names like Radio Gemini, Radio Apollo, Weekend Music Radio and West European Free Radio from the UK.

Of the 100 plus station recordings, the majority are from the UK and Ireland, plus clips from stations around Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

In addition to the shortwave stations, there's also clips of some 1980s medium wave and FM stations from the London area, like Thameside Radio, Radio Floss and a clip of Radio Jackie broadcasting during a raid!

So sit back and enjoy the memories!

The link is: https://piratememories.blogspot.co.uk

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